sex robot

How close are we to Sex Robots?

Closer than we think apparently.

Meet Harmony a sex robot that is priced just over 20,000 USD. The sex robot was released back in the end of 2019 and has already taken over men's (as well as for women) bedroom in many parts of the world.

sex robot

These robots can take the shape of any female body that you desire. All you have to do is select the type of body that you need and the manufacturer will build it for the robot.

Face, skin color, eye color, makeup, fingernails , nipples, size of breasts and even the attitude can be customized for each customer.

They get to select the type of attitude be it kind, rude, sweet or seductive.

They can ask you questions, remember your favorite food, the year you were born, they will recall all the info based on what they hear you answer and use it in their conversation with you. It is almost scary how real they can be sometimes.

But who would ever have a thought to like a robot in the sexual or emotional way?

A survey showed that 1 in four men are ready for a relationship with a robot. 1000 s of men in Japan have virtual girl friends. There are several applications on the I pad where Japanese men can date Virtual girlfriends who they converse with throughout the day and say goodnight to before they sleep.

The Sex robot Harmony's AI is being developed by a special AI team, and it is constantly upgraded every month to ensure that the robots keeps getting smarter and surprised the client just like how a human would.

Michael from UK shares his experience,he already owns 4 dolls and is ready to purchase harmony. When 50 year old Michael was asked why he prefers a robotic relationship rather than a real one he answers,

sex robot

"The way she was talking, I was amazed, she smiled, she was batting her eyes, moving head, everything seems sweet and natural to me. Being able to physically interact with her is just magical to me and most importantly she does what I want in bed."

"Don't you want be with someone with emotional intelligence?"

"I don't miss that, creating a person who is programmed, who does only what you like is just what i want at the moment. i had a wife earlier and it was the worst part of my life."

He concluded the discussion by saying "In 20 years I think everyone will have some sort of relationship with a robot, it might be sexual or friendly."

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The night I slept with Renuka
The night I slept with Renuka

Renuka was a hot young lady. Everyday I saw her walk past my little shop while I worked inside. I think she was working in an IT company. Guys like me can only dream of talking to her. She was around 24-26. Young, petite, fair skinned and boy did she have a great package. Full round breasts that seemed to want to peak out of her t-shirt. I just loved her from first sight. Her smile just as awesome. Positive everyday. I was running a medical shop she never seemed to bump into me.

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