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A Crypto currency for Sex ?

Well hey look at that, we've seen a variety of crypto out there with fun names and serious games but never did I ever think in my mind that I'd witness a crypto currency that relies on sex or to be specific the Adult industry. Also funny enough never did I think I would write about crypto currency on an erotic blog like mine.

Yep they didn't beat around the bushes when it came to the naming part by coining it 'Sexcoin' or SXC (you could call it sexy). Fun if you ask me, and it is targeted at the Adult Entertainment sector.

People working in the adult industry seemed to have a tough time dealing with the payment system, like the times when paypal stopped supporting adult sites from paying their models. Cam models had to rely on other not so well known payment systems to get their money. This is where the sexcoin is trying to come to the rescue. Sexcoin's main focus is on avoiding unfair fees that online payment websites usually charge for a profit.


What are the other areas Sexcoin seems to want to fix?

  • Fees
    As I said earlier the bad fee system is one. Sexcoin charges 0.001 SXC to send payments.
  • Charge-back
    Once the transaction is confirmed no charge back can be done. This protects the merchant from fraud.
  • Privacy
    The customer as well as the merchant can enjoy the same privacy by being anonymous. It needs no personal information to send payments.


How about the other specific benefits or important factors of this coin?

  • The number of sexcoins will be limited at 250,000,000
  • It has a block-time target of 60 secs with confirmation required only 6 times so that means that the transaction is verified pretty quickly.
  • It is focused on the adult industry hence it offers a customized experience for the coin holder or user.
  • It will improve the age verification system by ensuring that minors cannot be involved at all.
  • Sexcoin wallets are already supported in windows, Max, OSx, Linux, Github, Android, Boostrap and promises to be on the iPhone soon.


What should I know before investing in Sexcoin?

Beware that Sexcoin is not an ERC20 token neither an Ethereum token so hold on if you thought you would have invested in some and the numbers aren't good at the moment as far as I know.
Last I checked sexcoin is valued at $0.00105 with a market cap rank of 2207. The coin did spike once in Jan2018 at a value of $0.24 but yes we have seen such strange spikes for all crypto coins haven't we.

So even though I have high hopes for the sexcoin especially since I am a sex article blogger, I would highly recommend you to do your research on the coin and also registering on for more info on the coin.

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I love writing erotic stories that I have either experienced in reality or my imagination, Feel free to enjoy my stories

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The night I slept with Renuka

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