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Bear panic

Crypto Analysis | News, Price Analysis and Advices | March 13

By Joao16 | The New Publish0x Times | 13 Mar 2023

Latest News About Crypto

According to Reuters, the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin slipped 0.3% to $22,125 on Monday morning, but was still up around 8% from Sunday's lows. The Wall Street Journal reported that cryptocurrency prices rallied after U.S. regulators said depositors of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, a major bank for crypto companies, would get their money back. News reported that fraudsters were offering Russians a bogus chance to invest in a fake 'state cryptocurrency'. Kitco reported that Bitcoin bears got an early jump on Friday’s developments, breaching below the psychologically important $20,000 level in early trading hours and driving the top crypto to a daily low of $19,628 before bulls managed to bid the price back above $20,000 in the afternoon.


Additionally, the Federal Reserve announced a new emergency loan program for banks after Silicon Valley Bank, once the 16th-largest bank in the U.S., and crypto. Regulators in New York also closed Signature Bank, causing Circle's token, USD Coin, to slip below its intended 1-for-1 peg with the dollar, sending a shock through the market.

My Opinion

My Analysis on BTC is still a little bit bullish, i'm saying this because it did a huge comeback from 20.000$ dollars making a huge buy bar yesterday and doing another one today of course today is not over yet but with all the bullish news thinking BTC will drop again bellow 20K is madness in short term because in long term it is in my opinion going to test 10K but right now is still going up and could really go and test 30K maybe even breaking it and make some resistance there to then come back down again as we are still going trough a economic crisis.


My Best advice for all of you is to start with small investments and to set clear stops and targets with a plan for each trading position. This will help to ensure that are minimized and are maximized. Additionally, traders should overlay the Bitcoin chart with the Ethereum chart and the OVB indicator to get a better understanding of the market. Lastly, it is important to research and understand the different strategies and trading techniques available before investing in Bitcoin.

Every piece of information is a better reading on the market don't read my articles only and then make investments because of it this is only a piece of info that i'm providing but i and nobody can provide you the whole picture of the market.

Analysis BNB

According to CoinCodeCap, BNB is currently trading at $303.48. DigitalCoinPrice predicts that the BNB price will reach $336.94 by the end of March 2023, while MSN predicts that BNB will drop to $290 in next few days and rise $355.18 towards the end of March 2023. Binance predicts that the value of Binance Coin will reach $320.03 by March 14, 2023. Finally, CoinCodex predicts that the value of Binance Coin will drop by -7.86% and reach $265.99 by March 17, 2023.


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