That quarter of a tenth of $GME for free

By Elia Noris | the n00b and the crypto | 30 Apr 2021

Platform to trade crypto online are a dime a dozen nowadays and in most cases it's hard to find a reason to sign up in yet another one. I'm on Binance because at the very beginning (which is like the day before yesterday) someone told me to do so, I use KuCoin because I like the bots more than I probably should, I started using Pancake Swap because at some point buying Mariobros coin seemed like the sensitive thing to do, and I've a UpHold account because that's what the Brave Browser demands for its rewards.

It's him Mario!

On second thought (and contrary to my own believe) I'm not indeed that shy when it comes to try a new exchange. I just need a little incentive, which takes us to the topic at hand.

Today I stumbled into Morpher which is another Crypto Exchange but has at least two elements of interest:

  • they gift you 100 of their own coin (MPH) if you sign up using a referral link
  • the site let you buy Stocks

there is about 20 pages of stocks

which is a neat feature and leads to the topic which is the title of this post: at current prices the sign up bonus of Morpher gives you about 1/40th of a $GME stock for free.

Diamond hands 4ever

So far so good...

A couple of additional notes: first while signing up you can either create a Wallet or use MetaMask. If you decide for the latter there is some additional steps to go through (I might make a post about that later). Second if you're from the US of America, some of its close allies or sworn enemies you cannot sign up at this time:


But according to the website this list is due to change so, you might want to check it out again sometimes in the future.

Please feel free to use my referral link (besides getting your 100 MPH you'll be giving to a very grateful truly yours another 50 MPH).


Pax et Bonum

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Elia Noris

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the n00b and the crypto
the n00b and the crypto

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