The Meta Matrix: The Digitization of the Cosmos

The Meta Matrix: The Digitization of the Cosmos

So many eyes glued to screens in order to determine how the gears within reality truly function. So many looking to past labels for guidance when those programs have since expired. Makes me wonder if those programs reached their expiration date, why is it that so many sparks are still looking into those frequencies for guidance in the ERA of transformation that is currently taking place within the cosmos.

My Perspective: Am I wrong for sharing my view? Does it matter if anyone else sees it?

19 Nov 2021 17 minute read 0 comments ctrlxt

Before they took it and continued to manipulate the stricken. The Main Purpose of this document is to show how previous generations continue to hinder the growth of the next generation by controlling methods that hinder them from growing in...

Is it Aliens or is the Data getting faster?

19 Nov 2021 1 minute read 1 comment ctrlxt

I cannot speak to the choices of the rest of the planet, what I can speak to is the choices left after observation of what I see. Long years of study and countless experiments. Is it a simulation? Aliens? God?  I mean, we could start from here and go...