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Why don't we like the feds? Explained Under LSD and Weed.

I've been a big believer in the "welfare state, and you're welcome to it".

On the state level, this is a real threat to the welfare state, as well as a real possibility for terrorists, such as ISIS.

Here's my take on the topic...

A couple of things about the GOP.
The first is the fact that I'm a Republican, and I'm not a Democrat. I voted for Bush, and by the way, I voted against the Affordable Care Act. For some reason, I actually voted for Obama, and for the Republicans he's been running for over a decade. I can only imagine that some of the Republicans I voted with are, in fact, Republican bastards. I don't want to say that but I really don't like the GOP, so I'm all for the GOP and the Dems, but I'm also not a Republican.
For the most part, we're all Republicans. I know that we're a small, largely Hispanic, country, and our country is a small part of the world, and if you're a Republican and you want to show the world that the GOP is going to be your party, you should at least go ahead and vote for a Republican party.
My wife and I believe that the only way to fight the Republicans is to try to make sure we get the GOP out of the way. If we can get the Republican party out of its way, then I think we can do that.
But if we don't get the Republicans out of our way, we should just stick with whatever we have, even if it's a Democrat or Republican, as long as we have the party in our own party. I think that's the way of the GOP--and I think it's only fair--and that it's the only thing that's ever right.
So, for example, if you were a Democrat, you'd probably vote for Bush if you got the GOP support from the Democrat party. If you were Republican, you would probably vote against them. If there are any Republican parties, you'll probably vote on Bush--and the Democrats support him.
I'd love to know how you voted against Bush. I've seen the polls and I've watched the election, I've been told that if you vote for the Party of God, you will vote on the Democrat in the next election. I'm sure that's why you're voting for Bush.
That said, I would like to have a look at what a Republican Congress is doing, and how you vote in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if they have the ability to enact legislation that they have to do, and give the Democrat a chance to do it after the election.
If you have a Republican Party, and the Democrats don't, that's also a good thing. I would definitely love to see how you're doing in the same way.
And, again, if we have a party, we can look at how we vote in each election and see what kind of votes it has. For example, I'm trying to get rid of the state limit on school choice. I just want to see if we can make it so we can have a lot of votes in the state, so we don’t have to worry about the state and the limits, and get the state in the right state.
Of course, there's a lot to be said for a party that has not been able to have their own party, but for the party that is going through the Democratic Party, I think there's just a lot that can be said in a country that is not a party. We have the same kind of party. When you're talking about a party in the Republican Party (with the Democrats), you'd have a huge group of people who have a different kind of a party and who are not going to vote for you.
In the future, we might have to change that. I am happy to see that. We may have to make a change in the way we vote, but it's going to get a lot more complicated than that. Right now, we have to be more consistent that we are, which is a great thing.
Oh, and, of course, I want to get to the point. There are a lot questions that I think the GOP has been asking about the last couple years--and there are many more that I don‘t think are good questions--and we can put them in that context.
Look at the Republican House in Florida, where there’s a big turnout, and it's not just the Republicans. There's a couple of Republicans that are coming to Florida to vote. I‘m thinking that this is going be a lot different, and that the numbers are going to change.

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