I'm gonna talk in this blog about how i went from just a kid love to play the guitar to a professional music producer and a beat maker..  Going from zero followers to million streams on Spotify..  

This isn't going to be a promotion at all I'll just try to help if anyone interested in knowing about this life..  Or even if play any kind of music and   want to take it to the next level you can start with a phone.  So stay tuned if you're interested 

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Hi my nickname is alien. . I'm a music producer and I'd like to be an author there's much things I want to write about.

The life of a DJ and a record music producer
The life of a DJ and a record music producer

Since I'm a music producer, I'm going to make this blog about how it it going in the music industry if anyone interested. Going to talk about how I started until I made my first million streams on Spotify

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