How to make money out of your music 2

How to make money out of your music 2

I'm going to talk about another way  you can make money starting as a musician and it's selling your work to another person.  

Actually I started that way by making rap and electronic music beats and selling them for artists.  It's a great way if you're making music and want to sell.  But the worst part of it is it's your music but you don't own in anymore, your name won't even be on it.  And this kinda feels bad.  

As singer you can also just give your vocals to the producer for money. . 

There's alot of ways to do it like posting your bests on selling beats stores.  Also YouTube and sound cloud are great to do that.  

Personally I don't recommend selling your music that way.  If it's really good be a part of the song collaboration is always better.  But if you think it's OK.  You can always just sell it.  

For example think of Dr dre.  He was always involved. One of the greatest best makers ever.  Imagine if he sold all his beats.  We wouldn't even know about him now right.  

Let me know if you have any questions In comments and I'm gonna talk about this more in the coming days. 

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Hi my nickname is alien. . I'm a music producer and I'd like to be an author there's much things I want to write about.

The life of a DJ and a record music producer
The life of a DJ and a record music producer

Since I'm a music producer, I'm going to make this blog about how it it going in the music industry if anyone interested. Going to talk about how I started until I made my first million streams on Spotify

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