How a Drug Deal Hooked Me on bitcoin.

By Rigfennidh | The Hideout | 11 Oct 2020

A couple of years ago, my partner and I were conducting undercover drug buys. It was during our city's 4th of July celebration and was part of our department's activities for the night.


We made several buys and arrests while working the celebration. We were finishing up when we received a text on the burner phone. Someone was wanting to buy marijuana, but were wanting to pay for it using bitcoin.


"What kind of a clown trades nerd money for dope?" We asked ourselves. Thinking it was someone playing with us we brushed off the request, thinking nothing more of it.


A couple of weeks later I thought about the conversation and wondered if the guy was serious. In my fifteen years as a cop I had never even heard of bitcoin used in exchange for anything. Cryptocurrency was never considered and a plan to use it was never made.


I started to do research. I read about blockchain, wallets and secure transactions. None of it made any sense to me. I opened an account on a popular exchange and purchased $5.00 worth of the famous "nerd money." It looked like investing. I was familiar with the stock market and how it operated. It looked similar and figured it worked the same way. In my eyes it was roleplaying stock trading for computer nerds.


The following week I bought another .00036 bits of "bitcoin" and lost interest. If I remember, the coin was going through a slump and was losing value. I watched $9.00 turn into $8.00 and then $7.00. I thought it was best to lose $10 and learn a little rather than invest more and lose big.


I checked in on the coin from time to time. I didn't track it and couldn't remember exactly what I paid for it. I had no way of knowing what my investment was doing. I couldn't tell you if I had made money or lost money.


On a recent check in I learned about the exchange's rewards program. Taking a few minutes of time you watch videos explaining new coins. In return you receive portions of the available coin. As a result of this program, I took my $10 investment and grew it into $50.


My interest returned. I began to research again, looking for ways to increase my investment with minimal cost. I invested in a crypto tracking program that allows me to track my coins.


Now, I enter the world of blogging. This is my first post in a new world. I hope will be another rewarding career for this 50 something introverted Entrepreneur

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Just your average 50 something introverted Entrepreneur. I’ve owned several businesses and served in positions of community trust both elected and appointed. Now I trade crypto and run a successful apiary business.

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