$9.00 and a HUGE Learning curve

By Rigfennidh | The Hideout | 5 Nov 2020

I'll be the first to admit. When it comes to Cryptocurrency, I am a total noob. I purchased my first bitcoin in 2018 as an experiment. I have only purchased cryptocurrency twice. My total cash investment is $9.00. Over the next two years I would check in on my $9.00 investment. Most of the time I saw no increase in price and several times actually lost value.  

This last September I logged in to see my investment had increased to about $17.00. My curiosity was peaked. I started to research and learn more. I also discovered the Coinbase earning program.

  It introduced me to other currencies allowing me to learn their purposes. The learning came with a low personal capital investment. After I earned several of these currencies I experimented with the trading. Selling and buying other coins allowed me to reduce risk by not using my hard earned dollars.  

These amounts I earned from Coinbase are not large amounts but they have been enough. My portfolio has grown 262.40% since 2018. It's made me feel comfortable enough to start regular investing of my own dollars.  

This may seem like a rather trivial way of entering the realm of cryptocurrency. I'm cheap and when I can use someone else's money to make money, I'll do it. The opportunity of building a successful project from nothing is alluring to me. As my skills and abilities get better, I'll pass that on through this blog.  

This worked for me. It may seem trivial to most but maybe it will be helpful to another noob out there just getting started.

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