Ethereum, what next?

By theliondefi | The future is crypto | 21 Feb 2024

Ethereum yesterday reached 3k.


Now what?

In terms of pricing I expect it to go down a little bit in the next few months (not financial advise)

It terms of the project it seems that supply is going lower and lower (burn mechanism)


Also Ethereum Dencun Upgrade is in development expected to be finalized in Q1 2024. This will increase scalability, the security, and efficiency of the Ethereum network.

Also it will offer optimizing operation and reducing gas fees through a process known as proto-danksharding.

Also other Layer2 blockchains like Optimism, Polygon scaling solutions will get benefited.

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The future is crypto
The future is crypto

This is a blog about crypto. I do believe the future is crypto. Trying to help other understand crypto concepts. Feel free for any comments positive and negative.

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