Living With Our

Living Without You

By Maria Jeena | The Faith | 24 Aug 2021


     In this planet there are few unlucky ones who are deprived of deserved Love. I know one can just talk and think about this. But in practical, the person who undergoes this Truth Knows the actual pain to his agony.

     There is no other past of yours other than your own. You cannot Share Feelings closely to someone like your soul. Yet you continue to survive with this cruel impact.

Living Without

     No one is so close to take care of you like your spouse. The Gentle Love and feeling you miss a lot and survive alone missing your dear ones so close to your Heart is a big loss in life itself. Yet you live alone to take care of your kids and other life responsibilities towards them.

     The fate is written against you and should be followed by you. Whether you like it or not, once gone, it's gone forever to continue to survive alone in this Unemotional World.

     The most guilty feeling would be when one of your own beloved has been killed by your own mistake. As long as you survive you would be able to forgive yourself the guilt feeling would start to haunt you all the time and everywhere now the Giant Question would be how to get rid and survive with peace of mind.!

     To follow the Will and Wishes of your beloved one and try to fulfill them at the earliest like as though it were yours. So living without your partner becomes easy and Fruitful in Life.


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Maria Jeena
Maria Jeena

Hi, I am a very friendly person I love blogging and publish memorables articles over the internet.

The Faith
The Faith

Never Demoralise yourself! Because only when you have a positive and never ending thought you can gain much in this competative world. Always beleive in youself. Think that nothing is impossible and you can achieve it by means of Hard Work and sincere dedication. Thinking positively is itself a energy and a medicine for all kinds of diseases and sufferings of the world. Only when your thoughts are good you can implement them in your real life and achieve success. Beleive in yourself never let down.

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