Celebration for You

By Maria Jeena | The Faith | 16 Aug 2021


     I Could hear the sounds of the birds and feel the Chillness of the Morning Breeze which are pleasant to my ears to listen. I am awakened from my sleep little by little, as soon as my eyelids are open my sight falls on the calendar to tell me that it is my B-Day. As soon as I realized indeed it is my Day. I was filled with Joy in my mind and was Anxious to do the celebrations in the evening with my friends who had visited me in my dream the Day Earlier and hinted me about the celebrations.


     A distant relative of mine who was separated from us due to some personal issues didn't touch us for many years together. But once when we organized the celebration of our Wedding Anniversary I was surprised to see him in the event, and he whispered in my ears that he came to see the celebration.

     Celebration is not only a Joy full event, but it consists of many special activities for each and everybody like participating in the Dance, Singing competition and other activities. Then Drinking Wine and other drinks. Meeting your family and friends and other guests during the get together. Apart from this you have the opportunity to taste many dishes, snacks, chocolates, ice creams etc.

     This is why celebrations are always liked by the people of different age groups. It has got something or the other for each and everybody. It also consists of mini activities such as Kitty Parties, Business Meet, Other Mini Celebrations and other stuffs which everybody can enjoy while participating.

     In Life if you come across any positive event it's a Time for Celebration.

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Maria Jeena
Maria Jeena

Hi, I am a very friendly person I love blogging and publish memorables articles over the internet.

The Faith
The Faith

Never Demoralise yourself! Because only when you have a positive and never ending thought you can gain much in this competative world. Always beleive in youself. Think that nothing is impossible and you can achieve it by means of Hard Work and sincere dedication. Thinking positively is itself a energy and a medicine for all kinds of diseases and sufferings of the world. Only when your thoughts are good you can implement them in your real life and achieve success. Beleive in yourself never let down.

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