Aragon is Dragon Questing! 🐲
Your destiny awaits

Aragon is Dragon Questing! 🐲

By burrrata | The Eagle's Nest | 27 Mar 2020

Do you like dragons?


Do you like quests?


Join us for Dragon Quest!


Dragon Quest 🐲 is a virtual hackathon powered by MetaCartel 🌶️ and sponsored by Aragon 🦅

We will have games, prizes, and workshops!


HelpDAO ⛑️

HelpDAO creates software for local squads to get funding and allocate help towards those who need it the most in the current COVID-19 pandemic. It's an Aragon DAO design pattern complete with tools for an end-to-end workflow. This allows anyone anywhere to create a DAO, onboard members, create a token-permissioned community chat, and allow members to vote on capital allocation decisions to support teams on the ground - right within the chat!

Join us! ⛑️

We will also be running HelpDAO office hours, workshops, and presentations!as well. Dates and times will be shared on the HelpDAO ⛑️ Dragon Quest Discord channel — keep your eyes open for updates 👀

Estonia DAO 🇪🇪

We're also building Estonia DAO, a decentralised organisation for the 60k+ Estonia e-residents from around the world. Several years ago, Estonia created the first borderless digital society for global citizens and non-residents to run an EU compliant company complete with fiat based online banking, payment and taxation facilities. Fast forward to today and decentralised organisations and digital currencies are starting to take shape, but in most cases still need to interact with legacy financial and legal protocols. Estonia DAO bridges this gap, giving the Estonia e-residents from around the world a unified voice for governance, the tools collectively own and manage digital assets, earn revenue, experiment with Universal Basic Income and safely authenticate citizen identity with other web3 applications - all whilst being part of a well respected and Internationally recognised legal framework.

During the Dragon Quest hackathon, we're going to connect the Estonia e-resident authentication system to an Aragon DAO called Estonia DAO. It's a fun experiment that will enable Estonia e-residents to:

  • Hold and manage digital currencies on behalf of all Estonia e-residents
  • Create and participate in on-chain votes (including how funds should be allocated)
  • Act as a Basic Income distribution system
  • Allow individuals to pool or donate digital assets
  • Use the token they hold in Estonia DAO as an authentication system for other web3 applications.

Join us! 🇪🇪

We will also be running EstoniaDAO office hours, workshops, and presentations! Dates and times will be shared on the EstoniaDAO 🇪🇪 Dragon Quest Discord channel — keep your eyes open for updates 👀


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