With the Recent Agreement Between the EU and Israel, Will Russia Retaliate?

By The Watchman | The Diligent Watchman | 18 Jun 2022

All around the world the energy crisis is impacting the lives of those who live within the modern age. We all are dependent on Oil and Natural Gas and that relationship is also the point of contention between nations. Those that have the resource are using leverage against those who need the resource.

This association is not more apparent than within the relationship between the European Union and Russia. To put it as plainly as possible; if the EU does not have natural gas, its citizens will freeze during the harsh winters. Russia currently provides this valuable resource but that relationship has been strained with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia understands the importance of its natural resource to the survival of the European Union and is willing to use this leverage against European citizens to bring about the destruction of the PetroDollar. Demanding commodity purchases in Rubles has increased the revenue produced from Natural Gas and Oil exports for the Russian economy while weakening the Dollar’s control over this trade.

This was the plan until recently…

The drastic change is the recent agreement between the European Union and Israel to provide Natural Gas to Europe and limit European exposure to the Russian commodity. Understandably, Russia will not accept this option as it goes against their longterm strategy of making Europe dependent on Russia for survival.

During peaceful times we may imagine a restructuring of the Russian and EU partnership but we no longer live in peaceful times. Now all options are on the table.

It is no secret that Russia has been amassing troops and supplies on the Israeli boarder and also supports governments that have publicly spoken about the entire annihilations of the Israeli nation. Those cries have only intensified over recent months and now the hook may be in the jaw that pulls Russia into the Middle East.

Many of the Ancients proclaimed that there would be a time when Russia would invade the Holy Land, looking for spoils. Economic reasons would be the primary reason that Israel would need to be conquered as their riches become attractive to the invaders.

Considering that when Israel was founded, they returned all know natural resources to the Arab Nations and were left as the only Middle Eastern nation without vast amounts of Oil and Natural Gas reserves, the possibility of needing to invade Israel for riches was something of fantasy for many years. It was not until recently when vast amounts of Natural Gas deposits were found off shore of Israel that the possibility of vast riches could be present. Knowing that Israel is not the only country to stake claim to these resources, shows the upcoming conflict will be vast and strong.

Lebanon has already staked claim to the same resources that Israel states is theirs and now that Israel has signed a large deal with the EU, we can see conflict is on the horizon. Hezbollah has been itching for war with Israel, and with its allies, that possibility may become reality very soon.

So the question to ask is will Russia retaliate against Israel for interfering with its economic war against Europe? Russia has stated many times that any country that interferes with its current conquest will be met with quick and decisive force.

This threat alone is not enough to scare Israel but considering they are completely surrounded by hostile nations that want to see its demise, combined with heavily armed and war hardened armies ready for the right time to strike, and we can see that these threats may no longer be idle.

Economic reasons, religious reasons, prophetic reasons and anti-semitic reasons are all contributing to the upcoming invasion of the Holy Land. We can all wish that this world was unfolding in a different way but in reality, the prophets of old may have been right all along.

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