When Worlds Collide: Reality vs Illusion

Look around at our world and it is no secret that a massive portion of the population has become completely disconnected with reality. Their wealth and prosperity has created this illusion that the world is their playground and everyone has this opportunity if only they would work harder.

Yes, work harder….

Many who have created massive amounts of wealth manipulate the current system to gain their riches. In reality, that is what all of us are trying to do, find the loophole so that we can get into the right investment before everyone else. The only difference is the amount of monetary assets the majority of individuals can contribute to the system pails in comparison to what those in power can contribute.

And lets not get started with the tax loopholes and use of corporate funds to enrich those on top. Once you have money, making money is easy.

Our system is built by the rich, for the rich, to enrich the rich beyond any real levels. In reality, our world needs no billionaires and instead should provide resources to everyone who needs it. We have enough, why can’t we share?

Greed has corrupted our reality so badly that we no longer can see the true reality around us. So many have lost everything is a country that is the richest the world has ever seen. The majority of assets are controlled by those on top and we are given the crumbs and told to work harder and increase our productivity. The philosophy of doing more by doing less is silly but delegation creates a wonderful work life balance.

Why have we become this way? Has humanity always been this corrupt?

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, when we are old and grey, will we be proud of what we did with this time? Our lives should not be about increasing our wealth (even though increased wealth does increase happiness) but we should be willing to help all of those around us that have not had the opportunities we have received.

No-one gets to the top by themselves but many have forgotten this fact. Their circle of influence is complete and gaining entry into this club is futile.

Our world is cracking at the seams and so many are asleep. They have risen above day to day obstacles of survival and no longer look upon what it really takes to survive in this world. Prices increase and this does not even affect their portfolio. Their lives continue the same as they look at the numbers and manage from afar.

Looking at the numbers…..

We have manipulated the numbers so badly that we can’t even consider our reports valid anymore. Inflation is increasing without the influence of housing or fuel. Those are the two largest increasing facets of our society and we don’t consider them when we are making our monetary decision? Please explain this!

So our leaders have siphoned all the money and assets from the system and manipulated the data to support their decision and then forgot what they did, believing this is reality. Mathematics and economics do not work this way. We cannot just pretend that 2 +2 is 5 and then make it so. There will come a time when we realize our math is off but by that time we may have already destroyed the system that allowed many to live a life kings could only have dreamed of.

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The Watchman
The Watchman

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The Diligent Watchman

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