The Power of Economics and Economic War

By The Watchman | The Diligent Watchman | 25 Mar 2022

We are all presented with a world where the term “Economic War” is thrown around like we all understand what is being talked about. Of course, we understand that the United States puts sanctions on countries that it doesn’t like and everyone is afraid of them. But what does this mean and why is it so important?

With the rise of the PetroDollar and the United States global reserve currency status, the United States was granted power over the world economy. We have heard the quote from the founder of the First Bank of the United State Mayer Anselm Rothschild “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws.” This quote is so telling of what has been happening to our world.

When control of banking occurs in a nation the debtor is always slave to the lender. If a country controls all the lenders and everyone is required to use the same lenders, the lenders have all the power. They control who gets money and who doesn’t. This ensures that the debtors do what is requested from the lenders or they will not get any money.

This is the same for large corporations or governments. When a government needs money they go to the bank and get a loan. If they are bad, the bank says no and economic ruin ensues.

Look at all the countries that have been cut off from the Western banking system? They have always underperformed compared to countries that were not subject to economic sanctions.

That may be changing…..

With the rise of China and its economic power combined with Russia’s military and resources, they provide a challenge to the current structure. These countries would need to have a banking system that is removed from the Western banking system and it must have clients. This is exactly what is happening as Russian banks are flooding into China. This has accelerated to the point that the United States had to draw a redline that China must not cross.

But what if they do? Does the United States have the economic power to control what these two countries do? What if other countries join them, how will that affect the control of the West?

The answer to these questions is being played out right before our eyes. We can see the East is moving East and the West is splintering. Europe doesn’t know what to do as they are so dependent on Russian commodities. Can the United States provide for all the needs of Europe while providing for its citizens also?

This is almost laughable. We can barely keep ourselves afloat during a supply shortage, which means we import everything. You cannot just start manufacturing at the level needed overnight. That takes a lot of time to develop and building prior to anything being produced, and we import all our building supplies (just ask Canada).

If the United States starts to lose its economic power over the globe, we will witness what has always happened when a country tries to break away from the system. War!

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The Watchman

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