The Monitory Complexity of Modern Man

By The Watchman | The Diligent Watchman | 23 Apr 2024

Modern life has become more complex than during any other time in history. The cost of living is rising and that does not mean just the pricing of items but the actual cost to live. We are seeing prices rise drastically around our world and just existing has a substantial price.

When did it become so expensive to just exist? We can look back within mankind's past and see that there has always been a cost to living but the support systems were in place to help those who did not have money. Family and friends were so important and even the land was able to provide for those who did not have money to survive. Many were even able to escape to a new world with abundance of wild game to provide for their daily nourishment. Those times are long gone and no longer exist.

We now see it becoming more difficult to produce one's existence outside of the modern monetary system. Those that have access to money can survive while those that do not have money will fall to the wayside. The portion of the world's population That is becoming forgotten within the modern system is rising rapidly and we will ultimately reach a breaking point.

How did we get here? How did mankind get to the point that we need to produce money to survive? Understanding that we ultimately do not have control, over who provides that said money, is where the challenge lies. In a way it's a new slavery system that controls us all unless we were able to produce enough of the needed currency to rise above who provides the currency for our existence. 

This system has been working and existing for all of us during our entire lives. This is all we know. We are told our self worth is based off how much money we make and this money also grants influence and power.  It's a revolving circle of those who control the currency and access to the currency grant power and abundance to those they choose. If an individual finds themselves outside of this circle, they will not be granted power and abundance. This is our current cycle of life.

We now face a time where we are being shown how that power is wielded. Many are seeing their riches and assets being taken away within this modern system. So many are losing their generational wealth as they have fallen out of favor of those who currently wield the power. How else can you explain a society that is willing to take homes from families and watch people struggle while proclaiming our world economy is not in a recession? The separation of power is so consolidated at the top and many are witnessing first hand what happens when the rich no longer share. 

To exist within the current system is the most complex problem mankind has ever faced. Many who thought they had stability are facing loss in ways they never imagined. Loyalty within employer and employee has eroded to the point that only the company profit matters and the existence of man does not. 

What happened to the guiding principles that provided man with a foundation to exist? We are told that we would all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We were just never told that the pursuit would be a moving target controlled by those who already have achieved all three. 

We are told that money does not provide happiness but for modern man, it provides a way to life, provides for our families, keep a roof over our heads, and all the other necessities we need to survive.  Without money, we are without the necessities to live. We are left without the ability to live life to its fullest and to achieve our destiny. When man is focuses on surviving, he no longer has the ability to grow and flurish. This causes the cycle to get worse, funneling money, success and power to the same hands that wield it currently. 

The system of control is so strong during our modern world. We all have been sold an illusion and now the masses are starting to wake up to this illusion. We all must consider what our world will be if the majority of us are unable to afford to exist. How will our world look when the top has everything and the rest of us and left with nothing?

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