The Financial and Economic Illusion We Feed Ourselves

From all indications we are headed down the path of no return. Many are proclaiming that the end of our monetary system is upon us while others state that now is the time to accumulate wealth. Both are true and both will reap what they have sown.

The perspective within our worldly consciousness is jaded by so many aspects of life. All of us have trauma and this trauma manipulates our thinking and guilds us down our path of life. How we deal with this trauma is not only dependent on who we are but also the support around us.

Many have allowed this trauma to encompass our lives, removing those we love from our life while building barriers against possible threats. These walls allow us to remain within our level of security so that we can function within this crazy world.

What happens when these walls are broken? What happens when we allow ourselves to feel without limitation, especially feelings we have suppressed with our wall building?

We all have our journey and we all have our demons we must battle. How we go about that battle is how we build our character. Do we run away and build walls around ourselves or do we stand tall and face our reality?

This is something we all must be ready to face. As economic hardship ensues, we will all be faced with the demons we refused to confront earlier. We will all be placed face to face with ourselves in all our glory or delusion. How will we face ourselves when we must confront who we really are?

Supplies will run low. Medication will run low. Money will run low. Peace and security will run low. When all of this happens, who will be able to stand and be ok with our reality?

These are questions that we must understand and ask ourselves. Economics and finance are a shield from our real selves that allow us to place reasoning and understanding to our world around us. We allow these things to show us the path to our dreams and to provide us hope for a prosperous future.

When we refuse to be true to ourselves, especially during dark times, we provide an injustice to our being and to those we love. Being strong during what is coming upon this world will be the most important aspect of our survival.

Not only being strong but being truthful to who we are. We are all flawed. We all have a messed up story and have gone through things that we wished we had not. We are all the same. The only difference is some have allowed themselves to learn and grow and confront themselves while others run from the conflict.

Who will you be? Will you be strong to confront yourselves for who you truly are or will you run from the challenge? If you run during a time of crisis, where can you run?

The truth is that there is no place to run. For us to be who we need to be, we must be strong and stand firm against all challenges and trials. We must be able to stand when we are prosperous and also when we are desolate. We must accept our fellow man as our companion during our time of trial. If we refuse to do this, we as mankind will be lost.

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The Watchman
The Watchman

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The Diligent Watchman
The Diligent Watchman

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