So Being Employed, Getting Raises And Spending Money On Necessities Is The Problem With Inflation?

By The Watchman | The Diligent Watchman | 13 Aug 2023

What has happened to our world where those in power can present their sales pitch, knowing that what they are saying is complete heresy? Sure, the masses have no understanding compared to those making the rules but when will they present some kind of truth?

The velocity of money has increased causing spending to increase and the price of necessities to skyrocket. We are all feeling the pinch in our wallets but how is that our fault? Why are the masses always penalized for the actions of the rich?

Trickle down economics has been the failure of our lifetime. The concept of giving all the money to the rich and expecting them to share was filled with historic flaws and would have never worked during any prior generation. We were sold that this group of affluent families would be different then any ruling families have been in the past.

Now they have everything. The majority of equities and assets are owned by the same families and the movement in markets is only due to their manipulation. If any wanted to tank a stock, they would be able to do it so much more easily than any average individual, leaving those who are less affluent holding the bag. We truly are the pawns in this game.

And now we are being told that the reason inflation is skyrocketing is that less then $2000 was given to people during a pandemic. Since those people who received the stimulus, actually needed it, they spend it on things they needed, causing the price to increase and supply to diminish. We are being told that this spending has continued as the masses have pulled equity out of their houses, used all their credit card balances and withdrew their 401k to purchase the same necessities they needed during the pandemic, causing the prices to increase further. All this while those companies that sell the necessities reap in record profits. We are told we are the cause.

But what about all the other money that was spent during the pandemic? The amount given to the masses was such a small amount compared to the rest of the money. Sure that money was used to keep everyone employed right? Every company that received money from the government used the money to keep everyone’s job and that is why it is so important to cause the jobs rate to decline now, right?

How can people truly believe this narrative? Those who are less affluent, got less money, using that money to survive while many still lost their jobs. Those on top have continued to spend at record levels and their net worth has skyrocketed since the stimulus was given. In other words, the stimulus was spend by the poor on products created by the rich, increasing the wealth of those already on top, but the poor are to blame?

We are also being told that wage growth is the cause of inflation. With that logic, giving someone a raise of 3% is the cause as to why the cost of many goods has increased over 20%. With that logic, we are told that wage growth must decline along with employment to causing the velocity of money to slow and inflation to decline.

What happens when we actually understand that the money is already at the top and the current policies are taking even more from the poor and middle class? How much hurt must be caused before the current polices affect those who have money vs the ones who have already lost everything? In other words, if employment is the issue, then how much pain is needed before those who have financial stability and steady employment lose everything?

That is where we are headed if the current policy continues. There must be some kind of aid given to those at the bottom, otherwise they will not be able to survive. Many are already being eaten alive by increasing cost and there is no end in sight. But how can stimulus be given without increasing the velocity of money?

This is where CBDCs may be the solution. We have been told that the agenda is to have a programable asset that can only be used to purchase certain assets before a predetermined expiration date occurs. In other words, give people money that they must spend in areas that money is currently not being spend in. Or…… make the CBDCs be used for necessities but limit its reporting toward the inflation number. We already know those in power love to manipulate how the numbers are calculated so it would be no surprise if the same is done here.

Sure allow people to have free money that they must spend in areas of the economy that are struggling is a way to provide stimulus to those companies who are being eaten alive by their deflationary cycle. When people must spend their money on necessities, they no longer buy items that they don’t need.

But this process would be counter productive to the current stance of decreasing wage growth and employment. This would have the opposite affect. Plus if those in power want to make sure money only goes to specific hands, it would make sense to have their competitors go out of business before implementing this type of stimulus.

Any way that we look at our economic crisis we must do something different. We must provide some kind of assistance to those in need without increasing the velocity of money and inflation. We also need to keep people employed in sectors that are being destroyed but the lack of sales.

One thing that we know for-sure is that those talking heads that are currently telling us the narrative of employment and wage growth as the problem are definitely part of the problem. When will people wake up and see that we are all being manipulated and lied to? When will we wake up and realize that we made this system up and we can change it at any time? When will we wake up and see what the real problem is?

We can all hope for a better outcome. We can all hope that CBDCs will be used in a way that will benefit us all. We can all hope that we won’t be lied to again.

We fell for it when we were told the top would share. We fell for it when we were told that the banking sector needed to be bailed out or our system would collapse. We are currently falling for their employment narrative. When will the time come when we no longer fall for their lies?

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