Russia Is Now A War Criminal and Rising Commodities

By The Watchman | The Diligent Watchman | 24 Mar 2022

The recent actions by the United States Government to accuse Russia of War Crimes for their actions in Ukraine will only intensify the conflict in Eastern Europe.

Russia has stated time and time again for the West to stay out of its actions in Ukraine and has threatened retaliation in ways the world has never seen. As usual course, American politicians show their strength in rejecting these threats and proceed along with their plan of action in Eastern Europe. What that action is, we have yet to see but it may be coming really soon

On the daily, we are being told of possible cyber attacks coming out of Russia against America. We all can see the price of oil going through the roof as we struggle to find the supplies on our store shelves. Things are changing rapidly and we all can see it!

The underlining factor is the strength of the commodity sector within the Russian Economy. Oil, natural gas, precocious metals and fertilizer are all being affected by the conflict in Ukraine and there is no sign these items will drop in price anytime soon.

For example, the world is already witnessing a shortage of fertilizer needed to produce agriculture to feed the masses. This is a simple equation as if we cannot grow food, we do no eat. This is already starting to happen so the pricing and shortage issues related to food production will only increase, intensifying the issue.

As food production declines and people start to starve, we are headed down a very dark path. History has taught us that when food supplies grow scares, civil and national conflict ensues.

This is only one part of the problem. Look at oil, natural gas, precious metals, nuclear power, and all these shortages lead to the same conclusion, an intensification of conflict as governments look for resources their populous can consume.

Unfortunately, we have not seen anything yet when it comes to price increases. Just wait until gas stations start running out of fuel. People will lose their minds!

Be careful as we all can see the writing on the wall. We are headed for a global conflict mixed with supply shortages plus an ongoing currency crisis.

With so many things going on, who can solve them all? Who can come in and make everything better again? Personally, these issues are too severe to reverse course and will only intensify. We are just at the beginning of something huge and this will be beyond anything any of us can imagine.

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The Watchman
The Watchman

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