Our World Has Changed And Will Continue To Change

By The Watchman | The Diligent Watchman | 21 Apr 2024

We look upon this world with wonder. Our lives have changed so much in the last couple years.  We have lived through an unprecedented global sickness that has changed our whole view on life. And that was only the beginning….

We now witness an upheaval only our ancestors could have imagined. We see global conflict spreading and being centered around money. Who would have thought our world would be so centered around a creation that has been manipulated for a millenia? 

We see how gold and bitcoin are vying for the global supremecy within our new world but yet our ancestors words ring clear “they will throw their gold and silver into the streets”. 

How could this ever be possible? For all of man's existence, gold has provided a symbol of wealth. Only during our current lives has anything truly challenged this understanding. 

We now live in a society that is different then all the others. No society in mankind's history could have imagined what we are facing. But yet the ancients of old did and tried to warn us….

So nothing is new under the sun. Nothing man has or will do is new, so digital currency is not a new concept?

This can be taken many ways but we will never know the truth. The one thing we do know is the same ancients who wanted us of our society also stated that this would be something new, something different. 

So if modern man is facing something different, how do we face it? How do we know the path to follow?

Well understanding that those who could not understand our society showed us we would be here, means we must look to them for guidance as well. They obviously saw where we are so they must also see the path. 

That is where our strength must be present. We are told to fear our coming world but we must understand that we still have to live in this world. 

The clues left behind are hard to follow but we see that our historical understanding of money will become obsolete.  This means that something new must emerge. 

What could that be exempt digital currency? Only digital currency allows the prophets of old to be true while being relevant to modern society.  This means that those with understanding must continue to follow this path.  

Where this leads us, none of us know,  but we do know this is the path we must follow. That is where our strength must shine.  We must continue down a path we know is true, while the world crumbles around us. Where it leads, maybe only the ancients of old truly know. 

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