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Is DeDollarization Headed Our Way?

We are being told that foreign powers have been coordinating together economically to challenge the US dollar supremacy, but very few even understand what that would do to our country and world if the ultimate upset did occur.

Countries all over the world have made their distrust of the United States public and many have alined in economic and militarily ways to show their solidarity against the current global order of using US dollars as the preferred way to complete international trade.

The purchasing power of the Dollar has dropped substantially since the onset of this global transformation and normal Americans are witnessing the exponential rise of the cost of living. Dollars have been restricted from circulation with the recent record breaking Fed Interest Rate increases and the American economy is still holding strong. The collapse that was suppose to occur has yet to occur.

We are under constant stimulus about the state of our union and economy and everyone has a different point of view. Many are proclaiming that we will fall into a deflationary depression while others are stating that helicopter money must happen, so make sure you buy more to benefit from the coming pump. Who is to say they are true? Who can show what will happen and be correct?

Truth is none of us know exactly what is going to happen as no-one has ever witnessed anything like what our global economy is currently going thru.

What we do know is that there has been an economic war that has been happening for a very long time and we are about to see what happens when an emerging, culturally diverse, superpower emerges.

BRICS started with over 40% of the global population under it control, prior to any expansion and as expansion increases, those who are not part of the BRICS system will be in the minority.

When the majority of the world decides to go in a certain direction, the rest of the world follows. Its no secret that a country’s economic expansion is based off of population. Follow the increase in population and you will find the rising market.

Plus, just incorporate countries that control substantial amounts of Oil and there would be no need for any other market. Countries would move toward what ever currency is traded in Oil and that countries currency will shortly become the global currency. Countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia as pursuing entrance into BRICS so we may be closer than we think to having this happen.

So what happens when the rest of the world moves to a different currency then the US dollar? What happens to all that money?

As the world no longer has demand for the dollar, those dollars will flow to where they do have demand. That would be within the American economy. As those dollars flow back in, asset prices are inflated to show the declining value of the dollar. Large sums of money will be made, in dollar terms, when the overseas capital flows back into the American market.

Problem is this is short lived. The use of currency that is declining rapidly, is what ultimately causes hyperinflation. Those who use the worthless currency to convert to assets will be able to weather the storm, while others will be subject to increasing prices like the world has never seen.

As the currency becomes devaluated, economics will require that currency resorts back to its mean, (which is zero) while a new currency replaces it as the global currency. This process has happened over and over again and we are no different.

We don’t have much decision if this will happen, but when. Economics is like mathematics and you can almost set your watch to when economic events will unfold during a currency collapse.

Our leaders know this and they do everything they can to prolong the effect, while also coming up with the new system. They must be the ones to control the economic narrative otherwise they will lose the control they have had over the global markets.

America has been unique is many ways during its life and controlling the global economic hegemony for as long as it has is something to marvel. The question is will they be able to continue the trend or will another power rise to replace it. This none of us know, but as time passes, we are closer and closer to finding out the answer.

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