Crypto Exchanges and the Coming Fed Now

Anyone investing in Crypto should understand the fact that if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it! Unfortunately many who trusted the exchanges are finding out that they may no longer have access to their “investments”.

The litigation that has just began between the Federal Government and Cryptocurrency Exchanges was something that we can all see as inevitable. The need for regulation within the crypto world is understated, and can only be described as the New Wild West. Many have lost everything and no-one cares who ran off with the bag.

But what happens when the banks….. meaning the exchanges, are in direct conflict with the already established banking sector? We can all see that this will cause conflict and once we understand the gravity of the situation, we can see this will be major.

So if the Cryptocurrency Exchanges are deemed illegal within the United States, what happens to all that money? We all can see expensive litigation will ensue, changing the entire industry?

Those that don’t hold, don’t own…….

Also understanding the coming release of the Fed Now, that is scheduled for public release this summer, and we can see games are afoot. Could the coming litigation between the Governments and Exchanges be associated to the coming currency release by the Fed? If this is so, what happens to all the currencies out in circulation?

We have a lot of pressing questions that will be revealed in short time. Once we understand the process of litigation between the advisories, we can then see where the industry is headed.

One thing that we do know is that if the exchanges are no longer able to pursue their business interest and assets are held while the litigation battle is completed, many will not have access to their assets.

This is very similar to another time in history when currency markets were plagued with ensuing deflation, causing restricting measures to limit liquidity, while necessary assets were harvested by those in power. Once those assets were “collected” from the system, its value reached new record highs.

Be careful with whatever you have. Don’t let anyone take your crown! This is a dangerous time and during this time the system will require everything.

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