Bear or Bull Market? Either Way We Have Lost Control

By The Watchman | The Diligent Watchman | 17 May 2022

Anyone watching what is happening to global markets is witnessing an erratic market that is grasping for any amount of truth to find a foothold on. We have gone to the point that our readings have been manipulated beyond reality during a time when we really need accurate data to understand what is happening to the global economy.

Blame it on which ever entity you would want to but the fact of the matter is that our society has allowed corporate greed to change the way that all data is gathered to obtain their desired result.

Not the truth but just want they want to hear…..

Take any deep dive into any corporate structure and you will find a company that gains as much revenue while trying to limit their expenses. While watching these dimes and pennies, cost cutting processes are put into place while revenue generating investments increase revenue. As this divide occurs more opportunities to funnel financial data to the desired location occurs. Thus providing the desired result. Depending on the corporate environment, how these funds are funneled within corporate financials and how they interact with regulations is what creates a corporate environment. Decisions from the top always trickle down even when the money does not.

We understand that corporations are there to provide income to us while we provide a service of our labor. We as a society have agreed upon this since modern times. Without this agreement, nothing happens.

The Corporate agenda has transformed to a stock market increasing plan vs a financial secure long-lasting outlook. What will increase the stock price in the short term is the goal and all that is looked upon.

You can only funnel all the money to the top until there is no more money to funnel.

But, how to you undo what has already been done? Raising interest rates will only restrict capital to those who they want to restrict it from. Those who are desirable will still receive loans until the banks cannot give anymore. Then they will start asking for assets or money back. Its an old game that has survived a very long time.

The only difference is this is global and this is the time when they ask or the assets back. We can watch the markets go up and funnel our money to the sources that we believe will outperform the crashing market but in the end where does this stop.

There is no exit strategy. There is no protection for many who have already lost everything from this recent money grab. The cost of living is rising but no-one has enough to pay the rent or mortgage. What is the long term plan?

We were told that we would own nothing and would be happy about it. Could this be what was meant by this comment?


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The Watchman
The Watchman

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The Diligent Watchman

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