As Our Society Declines, Darkness Rises

Try explaining our modern society and its global interference to anyone five years ago and they would not have been able to conceive of what we are encountering. Everything that we see on a daily basis is unimaginable and beyond our comprehension.

No-one would have been able to for-tell a global pandemic that would bring the entire world economic system to its knees while rising social and civil conflict are causing even the meek to rise up against their oppressors.

When looking at what our future holds, we all know that dark times are ahead. Many will tell us what we want to hear so that our ears itch with anticipation for goodness to come but in reality these are fantasy delusions meant to distract us from what is unfolding around us.

How are so many so blind to what is happening?

Just look at the facts…

We are witnessing global poultry farms being decimated by the recent outbreak of H1N1 while the breadbasket of Europe is entrenched in war during prime growing season. Global supply chains have stopped while our grocery shelves become bare during panic buying sprees. Add to it another possible round of Covid and we can brace for more lockdowns and civil uprising that ensues as people lose their civil liberties. Global political systems are becoming destabilized and those in power will do what is needed to retain power and stifle any opposition.

We even have a war on truth. No-one knows who to believe or what is real. One government will proclaim war crimes are happening while the other proclaims fallacy amid media corruption. Even neighbors are secluding themselves with the rise of racist and radical agendas that have even targeted member of leadership within the land we love.

Daily we witness atrocities that were unimaginable five years ago occurring on the evening news, like this is normal. Have we forgotten what it was like prior to the world imploding?

And on top of that, anyone who proclaims a different view is labeled negatively by those who have warped the truth. If we don’t get in line, we will be made to get in line.

Unfortunately, this appears to be exactly what our reality is. We can mask our understanding with whatever distraction we choose but reality is reality. We have already descended into darkness as a society and we may not be able to crawl back out of the abyss.

We can hope and that may be all that we can truly do. Sure, try to increase your financial holdings as when there is blood in the streets it is time to buy, but in the end what does this do? What will a fiat currency do for you when it resorts back to its mean of zero?

We all have a chose as this darkness engulfs the world. Do we continue down this path, along with the rest of the world, and allow for everything to change in a way that will forever warp humanity, or do we fight for the status quo? Neither solution is great but understanding that the control of our system is not in our hands but in those who already control all the power.

We can control our individual actions and how we interact with each other. We can control our individual influence on our world and hope to bring light into this darkness. The problem is we live in a society filled with narcissists who have been so engulfed with their love for money that we may have already gone beyond our ability to change. When the crazies outnumber the non-crazies, we all go mad.

Good luck to all as we are all in this together. What affects one, affects all in this interconnected world. We will do this together, whatever this may be.

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The Watchman
The Watchman

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The Diligent Watchman

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