VOTE FOR ... Fractio@ChainlinkHackathon

VOTE FOR ... Fractio@ChainlinkHackathon

By stereoIII6 | The DeFi Guy | 13 Apr 2021

PYEs & FRX on Fraxio

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FRACT enables artists to create dynamic artwork which you can then use to create NFTs that react to external data in real time pulling from the chainlink Oracle.

For Example : You have a rocket and its movement on y axis is tied to the ETH Price from the Oracle using chainlink. The start position of the rocket (sitting on the launchpad) can be at or below the current price of a ETH, while different “target prices” are tied to different layers of the same animation - (the rocket going past the moon, at 2x the current price for example).

Sidenote: If the start position is not initiated at zero (from the example above you will notice that Eth price is not 0). Then depending on the range and position of the dynamic nft it could go down or regress its position.

It’s possible to stack multiple layers How deep the layer-stack can become is still being researched, but we are planning on allowing up to 12 layers at a minimum.

After you have created your dynamic Artwork you can save it as Pyenamic NFT [PYE] The Saved NFTs are subgraphed and made readable to the public. As a “Pyenamic NFT,” you are able to split your NFT into a fixed amount of different ownership fractions, card Fractios [FRX]. This way, you have a choice to trade any NFT you own as a whole, or sell just a percentage of the ownership - Anything from 1 FRX to 1000 FRX is possible!

Each “Pyenamic” NFT, when fractionalized, will spawn its own FRX token in the form of a unique ERC20 with a 0x address. They would be individually named - "FRX-ETH-Moon" for example

These FRX tokens can then be placed on the Marketplace for a Bid Auction or as Direct Sale.

There will be a third Party Plugin to allow cross origin Websites to display our Interactive Artworks anywhere on the web3.


NodeJS, React, Solidity, Truffle, Chainlink, TheGraph


Every Hackathon Participant knows there is no code without Obstacles...

One of our biggest obstacles was finding the price data for other blockchains.

We had plenty Issues starting from the IPFS upload going through the Solidity NFT Fractionizer through the Chainlink Oracles all the way to The Graphs subgraph API section - our heads were bleeding.

We also experience challenges in a virtual based hackathon especially with different timezones.

But thanks to the supportive community on Discord we managed to solve most problems.

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