Chintai: Automated Resource Management 2.0 — “Charm”
Chintai: Automated Resource Management 2.0 — “Charm”

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Charm has been updated to automatically ensure your accounts never run out of resources, even during peak congestion. Every block, Charm checks your account to make sure you do not fall below a predetermined threshold for every EOSIO resource. If you do fall below a threshold, our smart contract will automatically purchase and replenish resources as needed.

By having automatic allocation of resources you gain immunity to network congestion — you will never be locked out of an account, or suffer down time. By ensuring up time and resource surplus, you avoid unnecessary risk of losing users and revenue, while giving yourself an important tool to automatically allocate resources to end users. Charm also makes sure you pay the lowest fees possible over time, and uses CHEX to reduce fees on our platform. CHEX reduces fees by 50%

Save yourself time and money while servicing a user experience that compares to any modern application. Sign up now.


  • Prevent down time and account lockouts due to network congestion
  • Activate part one of a two step process that virtually removes manual resource allocation for your dApp and users
  • Unlock capital to grow your business that is otherwise used to stake for resources
  • Avoid price volatility and create more predictable outcomes with your balance sheet
  • No sign up or cancellation costs

To get signed up watch our video tutorial or go straight to our intuitive setup portal.

Tutorial & Information

Why You Need Charm

Charm is the first step in a two step sequence to eliminate manual resource allocation. You need Charm to make sure your contract accounts always have resources. These resources can be used by a second mechanism to seamlessly deliver resources to users.

Consider these key advantages of Charm:

  • Don’t lock capital by staking EOS for CPU and NET. Use Charm to automatically borrow CPU/NET. Use your spare capital to run your business.
  • Avoid price volatility that comes with owning EOS for CPU and NET. Create a more predictable balance sheet and plan for your business.
  • Focus on building your business, not managing resources.
  • Use Charm as the first step in a two part process to automate resource allocation for end-users. Your users will be happier and you’ll be more successful.

Getting Setup & How It Works

Getting all of your accounts setup takes two simple steps.

1) Sign in and deposit EOS or CHEX into the Charm contract. The deposited funds will be used to buy resources as you go.

Using CHEX gives you a 50% reduction in fees.


2) When you deposit CHEX or EOS into the Charm smart contract, your account will automatically configure with standard inputs. The inputs we automatically populate are considered suitable for most applications.

If your account resources fall below a lower threshold, Charm automatically buys resources. Our system checks your account EVERY block — this ensures you NEVER run out of resources, even at peak network congestion. Upper thresholds are used to limit buying too much surplus, which makes sure you don’t overspend on resources.

If you ever want to make changes you can always change the input fields to better meet your needs. You can also add additional accounts by clicking “add row”.


Lease history: The lease history panel will track EVERY purchase. Below is an example of one historical purchase. It includes the account receiving resources, amount of resources purchased, interest paid (from leasing markets) and the total fee.


Seamless Resource Allocation: Two Step Process

Resource management is a two step process. First, dApps need resources in their contracts to continue operating. They also need resources in their contracts to delegate to their users. Second, dApps need a delivery mechanism to allow end-users to seamlessly interact with dApps.

Chintai’s “Charm”, traditionally known as Automated Resource Management (ARM), supplies contract accounts with a steady flow of EOSIO resources (CPU, NET, RAM) on an as needed basis.

The second part of the process requires using a delivery mechanism. We can help you get setup with the CPU payer that was released with the 1.8 upgrade, or you can use Greymass’s “Fuel”. We highly recommend “Fuel” because it includes a few key advantages that 1.8 doesn’t, such as abuse prevention.

Video Tutorial


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