BOID Leasing Market Launch on

BOID Leasing Market Launch on

*Article authored by Ryan Bethem from Chintai. If you have questions or comments about chintai you can reach him at

BOID Leasing Markets Are Live

BOID leasing markets are live on the EOS blockchain. This marks the beginning of the Chintai 2.0 product roll-out. You can lease Boid using our high performance exchange.

After the initial launch we will not match orders. This will allow the market to form and time for people to get acquainted with the new leasing market. An announcement will be made shortly after launch to indicate when order matching will go live.

We highly suggest familiarizing yourself with the Chintai exchange and the BOID token before placing orders. You can visit the Boid or Chintai telegram channel if you need immediate assistance or have questions.

Mechanics Of Boid Leasing & Mining

Efficiently mining Boid requires possessing an optimal amount of BOID tokens. Having too little BOID results in underutilization of computational resources and missing out on earning Boid Power. The more Boid power you generate, the more passive income you receive. Having too much BOID results in unused tokens and unnecessary exposure to price volatility.

Chintai will enable Boid users to capture maximum passive income opportunities by making sure they always have an optimal amount of BOID. Borrowing BOID will initially be available on the Chintai exchange. Eventually one-click leasing for optimal BOID utility will be available within the Boid interface.

If you would like to lend your unused BOID tokens, please visit our exchange

Putting Tokens Collecting Virtual Dust To Use

Leasing BOID will play a fundamental role in economic efficiency and financial opportunity as the Boid network expands. Boid miners will be able to borrow BOID tokens to maximize profitability. BOID investors who do not use their stake to generate Boid power will be able to make passive income by lending their unutilized tokens.

The Boid Project

The Boid network uses monetary incentives to crowdsource spare computational power for purposeful causes. Boid is currently generating 5,000 active CPU cores daily, has 1,000 weekly active users and 4,000 registered devices. The primary use for computational power generated from the Boid network is cancer research.

Learn More About Boid

To learn more about how Boid is being used to provide computational resources for cancer research, please visit this websiteThere are numerous projects that could use your spare computational. Boid is also contributing to research for Zika, childhood cancer and other important issues.

What’s Next?

Our modular infrastructure is designed to be agile, making additional leasing markets increasingly easy to deploy. Next on our list? Activating EOS, WAX and DAPP leasing in early 2020. We are also working in parallel with the Singapore Monetary Authority to establish a FinTech sandbox for a regulatory compliant DEX. To learn more about the Chintai vision and ecosystem, please visit

Chintai — Lease Everything

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