Very simple VPS Monero Mining Setup
Monero mining

Very simple VPS Monero Mining Setup

By Sankar Srinivasan | The Cryptochain | 13 Mar 2021

Monero (XMR) is a non-traceable coin. That is, nobody knows about a Monero transaction. One more advantage is, anybody can mine this coin in a ordinary computer, or even in mobile, without having ASIC miner setup. Read my article on Monero CPU mining. Anyhow, profitability matters. Nobody can run a home PC or Mobile for 24/7. Electricity is an issue. And, in case of accidental power off, one should be there to restart everything.  

VPS Mining

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As like Web hosting, you can use VPS. The difference is, one can upload website files in Web hosting to run website. Like that, uploading an app or webapp and running from cloud, is VPS. As like other Web apps, we can upload mining app to the cloud, and execute it for 24/7 mining.

How to setup Monero VPS miner  


  • A VPS plan
  • Monero wallet address (Coinomi or your preferred wallet)
  • Little knowledge on Linux (Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian anyone)

Don’t feel bad, when you face difficulties with Linux. If you are a “Learner Forever”, you can overcome this easily. Google search will be your good companion.  

Choose VPS plan

If you are a tech savvy, or a man/woman with long patience you can choose AWS, GCP, Alibaba cloud etc. Otherwise, search “vps hosting” and choose your better plan. For example,


These sites offers Free trial with Free credit. But most of free trials are having allergy on installing mining scripts. So, first read their terms and conditions. Choose paid plans, if they don’t allow mining in free trials.  

My suggestions…


When choosing a VPS plan, please be aware of separate price for cPanel. So… - choose “No cPanel” plans. - Windows VPS or Linux VPS (choose yours) - VPS with 1GB RAM, 10GB Diskspace, 1vCPU these are enough. Anyhow, choose bigger one if you expect better results.  

Activate 24/7 Mining

Step 1) After VPS registration, you will get email with unique IP number and Port number for your host, like this.

  VPS Registration email


Step 2) Use “PowerShell” command line tool, if you registered Windows VPS. Otherwise, download “Putty” command line tool for Linux VPS. This example is for Linux VPS. You can use Putty from Windows.  

Step 3) Visit Moneroocean mining website. Paste your Monero wallet address and click “Show Miner Setup Scripts”.  

Moneroocean Screen

Copy the “Linux Setup Command”. In case of Windows VPS, just copy “Windows Setup Command”

  Miner Setup Commands

Step 4) Open Putty. And enter the Home name or IP address and Port. (Refer your VPS registration mail for this data) And click “Open”. Ensure “SSH” selected.

Putty configuration

Now, Putty command line tool opens. Type Username and Password, as shown in your registration email.

Putty username and password

Now it prompts for command


In Putty screen, update Ubuntu. Type following command first:

$ sudo apt-get update  

Then, press “Ctrl” button and mouse right click. Now, choose “Paste”. Already copied “Miner Setup Script” pastes here. Then press enter. That’s all. Miner will be installed everything for mining.


Miner setup script can install required mining software and activates Monero mining on the background. Now, you can watch command line only. If you want to see the mining process, just type the command:

$ sudo journalctl -u moneroocean_miner -f  

The mining process looks like this:

Monero mining process

Your Monero mining was activated for 24/7.

Just click “Ctrl+C” to stop the screen, and type “Exit”, to comeout from Putty.

Now, you can do other works. If you want to see everyday mining process, just visit Moneroocean and paste your wallet address. Now, you can watch the hashrate and profit accumulated. No need to enter wallet address every time.  

Depends on the results, you can change or upgrade VPS plans for higher profitability. Otherwise, increase number of VPS terminals. Process is same for Windows VPS. The difference is, use PowerShell command line tool. Refer Windows powershell help.


Basic VPS plan with 1vCPU, 1GB RAM and 20GB HDD gains $3 per month, which is very low as comparing with VPS monthly subscription of $5. Try higher VPS plans and calculate monthly profitability.

If any doubts, contact me by email or by WhatsApp +919042404390  

Happy mining…!!!  

Sankar Srinivasan  



1) If your VPS’s CPU usage crossing 90% of usage, it may terminate automatically, to avoid crash. So, set 75% of CPU usage permanently, to avoid crashing. To set 75% CPU usage, type these commands at Putty root login, and press Enter.  

$ sudo apt-get update 
$ sudo apt-get install -y cpulimit 
$ sudo cpulimit -e xmrig -l 75 -b  

2) To find VPS disk usage, type this command at putty root login, and press Enter.

$ df - h  

3) To check VPS memory usage

$ free - m  

4) Update Ubuntu often by typing this command. It keeps Ubuntu up to date.

$ sudo apt-get update  


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Sankar Srinivasan

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