Top 5 Ways to Earn Passive Crypto
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Top 5 Ways to Earn Passive Crypto

By CryptoCation | The CryptoCation | 17 Jul 2020

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies are getting more popular as time passes and digital currencies become more mainstream. Today thousands of online merchants accept Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies. The more ways there are to spend cryptocurrencies, the more ways there are to obtain them. Here are our updated top 5 ways to earn free Bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies in your spare time.

1. Micro Earnings:

One of the cheapest and easiest methods to earn Bitcoin is through micro earnings. This means that you’ll basically be doing small tasks and earning fractions of a coin for the task you complete. One of the best platforms for completing quick tasks to earn free Bitcoin is CoinBase Earn. This platform allows users to earn free cryptocurrencies like Stellar (XLM) is by watching short educational videos on Coinbase Earn.

Coinbase Earn allows users to earn cryptocurrencies while learning about them in a simple and engaging way. The idea is for users to understand more about an asset’s utility and its underlying technology while getting a bit of the asset to try out.

Currently, you can earn over $60 USD in cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes by watching education videos. Stellar (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and Basic Attention Token (BAT) all have courses that can be completed to earn free crypto. I have completed these tasks myself and earned over $50 USD in these cryptocurrencies which I immediately withdrew and converted into Bitcoin.

To get this free crypto simply register and make a free Coinbase account and then click on the Coinbase Earn program. From there simply just start the course. Every time you watch a video from the course you have to answer some questions which are related to that video. Once done you will receive some amount in that specific crypto to your account. It’s as easy as that. 

2. Use platforms that pay you passively:

One of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrencies is by simply using crypto-related platforms or dAPPS during your everyday online activities. One of the simplest and most useful platforms to use and earn crypto is the Brave internet browser. Brave is a web browser like Chrome and Firefox. In 2014 Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich left the company and started Brave. It is a very secure, fast, and stable browser that blocks ads and trackers and effectively helps make its users more anonymous online. While most browsers today earn money themselves for showing ads, Brave pays their users whenever an ad is shown.

Currently I have made over $50 USD in Bat tokens over a few months simply by using the Brave browser in place of Chrome. Brave is not only the fastest internet browser I have ever used but also the most secure and privacy-focused browser as well. Brave automatically blocks all advertisements on their platform unless you opt into their reward program which allows users to earn money in the BAT cryptocurrency while they surf the web. To get started earning Bat for free simply download the Brave browser and turn on ads via the rewards settings page in your Brave wallet which is automatically installed with the browser.

Another platform I personally use to make passive income is a bandwidth sharing platform called Honeygain. Honeygain sells your spare internet data to data scientists who have large bandwidth requirements for their computations.  The program runs in the background while you use your internet service normally and hasn't slowed down my computer or my ability to browse the internet at all. It can run 24/7 in the background of your device, should choose so, and can earn you up to $50 a month according to their website. Currently, I earn around $20 USD a month running it in the background when I am not using a VPN. Honeygain is 100% passive once you've installed it and set it up. It runs in the background and sells your unused bandwidth. The general public that purchases unlimited bandwidth programs monthly doesn't even use 10% of their actual allowed bandwidth so it makes sense to earn some passive income by selling you spare bandwidth. Honeygain also offers the first $5 free just for signing up so it's worth giving a try. 

How Much Does Honeygain Pay?

The profits from Honeygain aren't huge but do amount to a substantial rebate on your monthly internet bill. One device will generate around $20 USD per month.  However, you can use Honeygain on multiple devices to multiply the profits. 

What is Honeygain?

3. Start Mining Bitcoin:

Another very simple way to earn Bitcoin is through mining. While many people think mining is extremely complex and difficult there are some great programs that make mining easy to use and simple to understand. One of the most beginner-friendly programs I personally recommend to people interested in dipping their feet into mining cryptocurrencies is the program Honey Miner. Not to be confused with Honeygain, this program turns your computer into a mining rig in a matter of seconds with the push of a button. Honey miner works with almost any PC or laptop and is a great way to start earning some Bitcoin. A great feature of this program is you can enable idle mining which means that Honey Miner will only mine Bitcoin when the user is away from their Pc or laptop. Honey Miner is a great beginner-friendly program for anyone interested in mining Bitcoin but unsure where to start and can earn a decent amount of Bitcoin daily depending on your computer specs.

4. Use Savings or Lending programs on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Many Exchanges like Binance and Kucoin offer savings accounts where you can earn high amounts of interest just by holding your cryptocurrency on the exchange. Think of it like how a bank pays you interest however, these savings accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges pay much much higher interest rates. For example, Binance Lending lets you easily grow your wealth by accruing interest on your funds. Essentially, you’re lending your assets to margin traders on the platform, and they pay interest to you in return for borrowing your funds. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance USD (BUSD), Tether (USDT), and many more. 

There are two types of lending products on Binance Lending: Fixed Deposits and Flexible Deposits. Fixed Deposits mean that you subscribe (lock) your funds for a predetermined amount of time and interest. In contrast, Flexible Deposits allow you to withdraw your funds at any time, and the interest rate changes over time. Since you have the flexibility to access your funds, the interest rates will subsequently be lower for Flexible Deposit products. 

Binance Lending works with a first-come, first-served basis, meaning that whoever gets their funds subscribed to a product first gets to earn the interest. The interest is distributed every day for Flexible Deposits, or on the redemption date for Fixed Deposits. 

Currently, I have made over $400 USD over the months by simply holding my Bitcoin and BUSD (a USD coin) in these savings accounts. I generally use the 7 day fixed deposit option and each week depending on the interest rate I earn between 15$-20$ in passive interest. Many people I know use Binance and hold their funds on the exchange and simply weren't aware of the savings account option. Once I told them about this program it became a  game-changer as they are now earning passive interest on their crypto holdings. 

How to Earn Interest with Binance Savings

5. Using Referral Links for popular Bitcoin-related Platforms:

This is probably the easiest way to get free bitcoin that’s actually worthwhile. Affiliate programs are used in almost all industries, including cryptocurrency. For example, you might refer a friend to a service and then you both get a discount, accrue rewards points, or get some free Bitcoin. A great example of this is through Coinbase, where you and a friend (whoever you share your referral link with) get $10 worth of bitcoin for free. When you can get discounts or free money, it can be worth going out of your way to sign up for a service through an affiliate link instead of signing up directly.

Image result for bitcoin referrals

You can make quite a bit of money with Bitcoin is by promoting various affiliate programs and earning commissions. Nearly every Bitcoin exchange, product, and services offer affiliate programs in which you can enroll. You then get your own unique affiliate link in order to promote that product or service. Of course, there are many ways you can promote your affiliate link – you can share it on Facebook, run ad campaigns on different websites, or even set up your own information site and promote your links within the content much like we do here. For example, here’s a list of highly profitable Bitcoin affiliate programs we use to earn revenue.

Coinbase: The easiest and most secure way to buy and sell Bitcoin   

ShakePay: The easiest and most secure way to buy and sell Bitcoin in Canada

Binance: The most popular Bitcoin exchange to trade between cryptocurrencies

Kucoin: Another great Bitcoin exchange which offers more cryptocurrencies and has had some “hidden gems” The best Bitcoin faucet to earn free Bitcoin best “Micro Earning” website to earn free Bitcoin by completing simple tasks

Honeyminer: The best Bitcoin mining program for beginners

Brave Browser: The fastest and most secure internet browser where users get paid to surf the web.

Coinbase Earn: An educational platform where users get paid to learn about cryptocurrencies


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