Introduction to WankCoin
Introduction to WankCoin

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 21 Jan 2020

Are you a customer who wants to buy some stuff online without the possibility of overcharging or headaches of automatic rebilling? Why not try WankCoin!!

WankCoin guaranteed a fast, safe, and efficient way to purchase online stuff and membership subscription on a top adult entertainment website. [Advertisement :D]


What is WankCoin?

WankCoin is an adult token that runs on etheruem blockchain and develops by adult industry veterans. WankCoin enables secure transactions for both parties without the biggest concerts of most customers such as breaching of Personal Information, billing of failed or canceled purchase and overcharging of purchase.

Unlike Vice Industry Token and SpankChain, WankCoin Token is used over one hundred (100) adult websites where you can purchase anonymously without filling your credit card information. WankCoin also focuses and currently funding some projects such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics.


Where to get WankCoin Token?

WankCoin introduces their own wallet that called WANKCOIN Wallet. You can purchase WankCoin Token by Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and your local US money (Other cryptocurrency and actual currency will be added in the next update). With this wallet, the users can:

  • Purchase and Store WankCoin
  • Send and Receive WankCoin (users can also receive and send from other wallets)
  • Active online community form
  • And Two-way factory authenticator


What WankCoin Lacking?

WankCoin doesn't reward its users. Vice Industry and SpankChain have the mechanics to rewards their users by supporting the content of their partner website.

WankCoin doesn't have a partnership with one of the top ten (10) adult entertain website. Most supporters of WankCoin in the industry are mostly Asian based.



Unlike other cryptocurrency and tokens, WankCoin has the desire to overthrown its competitor as one of the top adult tokens around the world by expanding its platforms from web, mobile, and now virtual reality. WankCoin is also expanding its partnership with a different and upcoming adult entertainment website.

WankCoin's vision is both parties will benefit from the fast transactions, top-notch data protection, eliminate fraud, and make WankCoin as the most preferred payment option for adult content.


I'm a Crypto Bag Hodler, Programmer, Meme Troller, and an IT/CompSci Educator. ALL proceeds in this platform will be used to construct a VOCATIONAL SCHOOL in Vietnam or Philippines.

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