Introduction to Vice Industry Token
VIT Token

Introduction to Vice Industry Token

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 20 Jan 2020

Get paid while watching porn is one of a heck fantasy for some people. Thanks to Vice Industry Token (VIT Token), they can make this fantasy into a reality.


VIT Token is currently under Vision Industry where they created a catchy slogan "Get Paid to Watch Porn" which describes the people who will be benefiting from using this kind of reward system.

This innovation to put VIT Tokens in some porn sites was the idea of Stormy Daniels (You nowhere right?). Where she plans to change and increase the economics and user-based who support their adult films. Some verified website that supports VIT blockchain are, tube8, pornhub, playboytv, analx, ddbusty, exxxtasy, stormydaneils, and many more.


VIT and Brave Rewards are somewhat the same, the main difference between these two (2) is Brave Rewards automatically shows ads any time and everywhere while VIT only supports several websites.


VIT Token is developed under the fork of the open-source Steem blockchain which was modified to match the contents of the adult entertainment industry. In order for a viewer to receive a VIT token rewards, viewers need to perform the following [All images are not included due to its XXX content, click here to visit]:

  • Verify that you are a human - basic user registration, backing up, and wallet linking.
  • Proof of Brain (Pob) and Proof of View (PoV) - you are prompted to perform PoB ad PoV requirements such as liking, commenting, and upvoting content.
  • Positive Proof and VIT Creation - all activities under VIT Blockchain must meet the PoB and PoV requirements. If all requirements are positive, your VIT account is created.
  • VIT reward allocation - all rewards will be automatically forwarded to your wallet.


It’s a dream come true, you only need to watch, upvote, like, and comment to earn VIT Rewards while watching your favorite performer (model).


Take in mind that your data (activities and user information) will be collected for the adult film producer to find out user preferences and tailor future films.

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