Brave v1.3.118 with some BOOORING UPDATE and FIXES!
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Brave v1.3.118 with some BOOORING UPDATE and FIXES!

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 20 Feb 2020

It's Official!!! Brave Browser newest release version 1.3.118 is now available for update or download. With this update, new improvements and changes like "Brave-Sync is disabled by default", "Auto Crash Fixes due to Sync Issues" and "Updated Terms of Service" are now embedded to the new version.

The previous Update Fails:

  • Brave version 1.3.113, brave users are encountering consistent crashes on launch. - Brave Support team releases a statement regarding the error: "The crash is due to the link devices that are part of the sync chain and an issue in the sync code.". With this, Brave Team has release version 1.3.115 to fix the issue.
  • Brave version 1.3.115, brave users are receiving ads but the estimated pending rewards and ad notifications received this month counters are not increasing upon seeing ads. - Brave Team releases a statement regarding the error: "The Brave Ads Server are experiencing a downtime in the previous update which results in this error. Brave server has been restored and all estimated earnings counts are adjusted and stabilized.".
  • Brave version 1.3.115, 7-day Ads History is missing. - Some brave users have noticed that the ad's history is missing. There are no official statements regarding this error.
  • No Downgrade function from version 1.3.115 to lower version of brave (v1.2 or v1.1) on Windows. - According to some Reddit users, "A user needs to create a recovery key for the wallet and manually uninstall brave browser on their machine then install the lower brave version. Expect that the estimated pending reward counter and earned BATs with unverified/unlinked uphold wallet will be lost."


Here are the new updates according to brave browser GitHub release channel:

  • #8187 - Added flag under brave://flags to re-enable sync.
  • #8187 - Improved P3A metrics for wallet states.
  • #8084 - the Reduced interval between P3A pings from 1 hour to 1 minute.
  • #8207 - Fixed tokens not being successfully unblinded in certain cases leading to reduced balances.
  • #7412 - Fixed sync crash when re-creating a new sync chain.
  • #8203 - Fixed three consecutive sync updates will result in data deletion.
  • #8228 - Fixed sync crash in certain cases.
  • #8229 - Fixed incorrect Terms of Service link being used during onboarding and the rewards panel.

©Image by srirambv of

©Image by srirambv of

  • #8304 - Upgraded Chromium to 80.0.3987.116.


You can Download Brave Browser v1.3.118 at:


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