Brave v1.2.43 is now Release
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Brave v1.2.43 is now Release

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 18 Jan 2020

Download Brave v1.2.43 >> HERE << 


The new version of Brave Browser for the desktop user is now officially released. Here are the features and upgrades included in this build (v1.2.43). Also, I will include some recommendations for future builds.



  • Chromium version is now upgraded to 79.0.3945.130 - chromium is an open-source project used by Brave and the primary backer of this project is Google.

Other Updates and added features from v1.2.41 to v1.2.42 (You can also check the complete update >> HERE << since I can't cover all of it here)

  • Improve WebTorrent Performance.
  • Update Monthly Contribution Text for Brave Reward - They updated the contribution banner, monthly contribution panel, and pending contribution modal.
  • Updated Tip Banner containing a "Thank You" message after a tip is made - They now updated the banner text from the previous message "Tip Sent!"
  • Fixed incorrect value of maximum daily ad notification - the daily ad notification should be 20. But one bug they discover was once the maximum ads reach (which is 20 ads), it shows 21.

Note: There are many Updates and Fixes on these builds which are too many to mention.



  • Brower sync - syncing brave browsers on different platforms would be great. But the current sync features not 100% working.
  • Tipping Banner - tipping banner should also include other social media that are verified and partnered with Brave such as Reddit, Vimeo, Publish0X, and others. They should also have the option to remove the "Wallet Ballance" on the banner since not all people like to show their earnings.
  • Sponsored Images are obviously the most awaited feature to be added on brave.
  • And Increase the Ad limits per day


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