Brave “Estimated pending rewards” BUG (January 31, 2020)
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Brave “Estimated pending rewards” BUG (January 31, 2020)

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 1 Feb 2020

The recent stable release of Brave Browser (v 1.2.43) promotes important changes to the performance, stability, security and web experience for brave users but today (January 31, 2020), some users (including me) have noticed an error regarding the computation of  "Estimated Pending Rewards" which displays an incorrect value. This means that if your receiving ads on your browser, the supposed to be reward/s you're going to receive is not added to your estimated Pending Rewards. What’s worst is some users have reported that their estimated pending rewards are somewhat turned into 0.0 BAT and not updating.

With this commotion, Brave Team has released a statement regarding this error (BUG).

Dear Brave & BAT Community,

We recently discovered a bug that affects the “Estimated pending rewards” counter in Brave Rewards. (The “Estimated pending rewards” counter keeps track of how much BAT you will earn on the payment date for viewing Brave Ads.) Users who were affected by the error may have seen their estimated pending rewards value suddenly decrease or incorrectly display 0.0 BAT.

Thanks to your swift reporting, we were able to quickly locate and resolve the bug, and will be issuing make-goods to all affected users in the coming week. This will appear as additional BAT on your upcoming Brave Ads payout.

We thank you for your understanding and for being part of Brave Ads. We shall keep everyone updated on this issue.



The Brave Team


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