Brave ads Fluctuation

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 6 days ago

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Did you notice the sudden drop of advertisement notification on your brave browser?


Most of us have activated brave rewards to gain extra dollars through BAT via ads pop-up. 2019 was a revelation from brave users where they can earn five (5) or more ads per hour which is a great impression for good investment while surfing the web. Most of us can reach 70 BAT a month or more - if your living in the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. But now, a sudden drop of ads is happening around the world. Even the top supported countries for active campaigns are affected. One Reddit user from Canada confessed that he only receives 3 ads for the last 2 days which is quite strange.


With this problem, I contacted BAT Team and their reply was:

"Fluctuations in delivery—depending on currently available inventory, your browsing context, frequency caps, etc.—are to be expected from time to time. (You can view currently active inventory in your region at As long as you are receiving Brave Ads in general, you should not be concerned."


What's your opinion?


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