BAT Tipping doesn't do anything

BAT Tipping doesn't do anything

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 15 Jan 2020

The brave browser introduces a way to send contribution and tip to your favorite verified publisher through YouTube, GitHub, Vimeo, Website, Reddit, Twitch, and Twitter.

But an issue arose back in early April 2019 where users reported errors and bugs that they are unable to tip and contribute. Some documented errors that I collected are as follows:

  • A script error "There was a problem processing your contribution" after contributing to the website.
  • A script error "There was a problem processing your tip" after tipping to a website.
  • A script error "Unable to send your tip" after tipping to a website.
  • After tipping a verified user, BAT was deducted to the wallet but the BAT received did not receive anything.
  • The tip was successful to a verified website, but the amount that supposed to deducted to the wallet was not deducted.
  • After tipping to a verified YouTube channel, all of my BAT in my wallet was disappeared.
  • Auto Contribution is off but the contribution is trigging again and it drains my wallet when I visit a verified website.
  • Re-tipping was unsuccessful.

What are the reasons why these errors or bugs happens:

  • Using VPN connections can sometimes cause an error.
  • A google extension might cause a disruption during the process of tipping and contribution.
  • The Internet Connection is down or slow connection.
  • You are using an old version of Brave Browser.
  • There is a transaction limit that needs to be followed.
  • Some BAT that came as a GIFT from Brave has an expiration date. Please take note of this :).

If the errors I mentioned above is still recurring. Please email and reach the following:

  • For refund -,
  • For questions and support -,


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