BAT Scams are Everywhere
Scam Alert!
BAT Scams are Everywhere

By circuitops | The Crypto News | 14 Jan 2020

Since the release of the brave browser, BAT was one of the Rockstar that got the attention of the cryptocurrency community and internet surfers around the globe. With this, everybody wants to invest and get tons of BAT.

The problem right now is the scammers who offer free bat through affiliation and referrals. Many people have been victimized by this modus, wasted their time, and wasted their money.

Right now, I only gathered two (2) scams so far:

  • BAT Airdroup - once you click the link, they will give you 50 BAT by only chatting with the BOT. This is totally a scam!


  • BAT Mining - one Reddit user claimed that BAT Mining exists. SCAM!


Beware people. We don't know what are they capable of.


What about you? Have you noticed some unusual posts that are considered scams?


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