Ways To Buy Digital Assets

The onramps to buy Bitcoin and Altcoins have accelerated over the years. When I first became aware of Bitcoin it was only Bitcoin and 1 or 2 Altcoins that you could buy Bitcoin. That is not the case anymore so I will outline the ways I believe are the best ways to enter this industry. Bitcoin is the best savings technology event invented according to Mark Yusko, founder of Morgan Creek Digital. Give this Crypto Conversation with Andy Pickering a listen and then check out the rest. It's time for you to Get Off Zero.

Based on what you are interested in can determine which of these platforms will work best for you. Now here are some things to consider if you are entering the Crypto Asset space for the very first time.

So a few notes: 

1. Do your own due diligence on each of these platforms THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE

2. Never put more into Digital Assets than you can AFFORD to LOSE!

3. Dollar Cost Averaging or Automatic Reoccurring Purchases work better over the long term.

**This is NOT a comprehensive list, there are others**



Other Platforms

THERE ARE FEES! - READ https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-trading-fees-on-paypal-robinhood-cash-app-and-coinbase-what-to-know

Now as Andreas Antonopoulos says it's better to EARN Bitcoin than to BUY Bitcoin. Here are ways to do that:

  • Lolli. This is a great way to do the same thing online. Some times the Sats back will be high as 24%.

  • Roundlyx. This allows you to automatically purchase Bitcoin with your spare change.

There are many reward cards coming out but I believe the two platforms above are the best ways to earn #Satoshis!

Depositing Money. While many will not have this issue, for those who have five figures or more to deploy into Digital Assets at one time, you will face issue depositing large sums. My recommendation is to use Wire. Most platforms allow you to wire unlimited amounts with fully verified accounts. The top 3 IMHO are:

I've been aware of Bitcoin since 2011 and have provided a daily brief for the past 5 years (except Saturday & Sunday) without fail. I enjoy reading, listening, and watching about everything in this space and am the only person who provide a full comprehensive brief of the space daily. Tune in!

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I've been aware of Bitcoin since 2011 and my desire is that you will be better informed about the digital asset industry by reading my daily post.

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