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Welcome back to my humble blog! Today I will be discussing my experience with the Stronghands Money protocol on Cronos, and its different components. In my personal opinion, this project has amazing potential due to its die-hard community, relentless developer, great deflationary tokenomics, diversity of staking options, partnerships and high returns!


Die-Hard Community

Firstly, this protocol really gives me extremely positive vibes due to its extremely dedicated community. Although many communities exist in crypto that are very strong, Stronghands has been one of the strongest I have ever seen. This has been seen in the generous airdrops given to their holders and weekly AMA meetings where you can directly talk to the developer, which I honestly adore.

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Relentless Developer

Another reason why Stronghands Money is really a diamond in the rough in this horrendous market is due to its relentless developer, Don Function. This wonderful fellow is always building and improving Stronghands Money basically 24/7 and he does most of it ALONE! The amount of staking options available and the diversity of their contracts on both their DEX, SMX Swap (Uniswap V2 fork) and their hourglass contracts for the $CRO3D token (that rewards you in $CRO from fees accrued by the protocol) is astonishing considering only 1 person is working on this consistently. He even recently launched the contract on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, allowing even more staking options with $MATIC3D and $BNB3D.


Great Deflationary Tokenomics

Furthermore, the tokenomics of their $SMX token in particular are really well thought out, which is another reason why I like this protocol.  There can only be 1,000,000 $SMX tokens ever in existence and there are always burns on top of this, which creates great deflationary pressure and a immense opportunity for long-term hodlers!

SMX Tokenomics

Diversity of Staking Options

Additionally, I like this project because of its diverse staking options. From its lending pools, to its unique hourglass $CRO3D, $MATIC3D and $BNB3D contracts to its plethora of farming pools on SMX Swap, it is nice to see a variety of staking options that are unique and show promise during a bearish time where projects need to build to survive.



In addition, I adore the dedication that Stronghands Money puts in its partnerships, which it is also working on gaining many more! For instance, Gaur Money is one of their partners and they work very closely together, even hosting their weekly AMA together, which shows the true value of their partnership and bonding of communities. This allows for more exposure to both projects which provides a mutual benefit to everyone involved and a platform to build better products!


High Returns

Finally, my experience with Stronghands Money has been very positive due to their high returns. Despite the fact that all the SMX Swap farms emit a fixed amount of $SMX, the price of SMX has been and can become really high. At some point, I was making a $30 in income a day from SMX Swap on a $300 investment in multiple pools. That surely left a great taste in my mouth and has me anticipating how their increased exposure in the coming weeks as they expand to other chains will affect their token price.

SMX Swap Returns

All in all, my experience with Stronghands Money has been exceptional! From high returns, lucrative airdrops, a great community and everything they have to offer, it is definitely on my radar for future growth in the Cronos space! If you want to learn more, here is their docs, here is their Discord server, their Telegram channel and their website. As always, thank you for reading, this is not financial advice, do your own research and stay safe on the blockchain!

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