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My Experience With Mad Meerkat Finance (Cronos)

Cronos is home to many DeFi projects, but the one that takes the cake for me definitely has to be Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF). My experience has overall been very positive with MM Finance, and I have been using their yield farms since launch. From their high APR LP pools, amazing team and community, price support for their $MMF token, abundant launchpads and easy to use interface, my experience has been phenomenal. Due to this, I am very bullish on MMF.


High APR

One reason why I really enjoy using Mad Meerkat Finance is their high annual percentage rates that are present on their pools and yield farms. This allows me to take profits very often, which allows me to re-invest anywhere else on the blockchain that I see fit. For example, their MMF-CRO farm has an APR of approximately 352.38% at the time of me writing this post.

Farm APR on

Furthermore, this rate is pretty good considering they have around 370 million USD in total value locked on their website during the time I am writing this. Now that is A LOT of money!

Total Value Locked


Amazing Team and Community

Another reason why my experience with Mad Meerkat Finance has been great is their amazing team. Besides having an extremely active Discord server, the staff there have always been quick to respond to any concerns or questions I have had considering their website. They have also hosted many events and giveaways on their server, which always served as a warm welcome to newbies such as myself back in December.


Price Support

Now here comes the token price talk. One more reason why I really like Mad Meerkat Finance is that their team supports the price of their token. They use liquidity owned by the Mad Meerkat protocol in order to buyback its token. Additionally, a portion of $MMF used in their launchpads is burned, which creates upward pressure on $MMF. 


Abundant Launchpads

Speaking of launchpads, Mad Meerkat Finance has hosted a bunch of different launchpads for new tokens on Cronos, which includes Mimas Finance, a lending protocol, CROissant Games, a gambling protocol, and many more. Therefore, the large amounts of other projects that are willing to partner with Mad Meerkat Finance allows me to see them as a leader on the Cronos blockchain, and rightfully so. 


Easy to Use Website

Finally, Mad Meerkat Finance has a very easy to use website. All their different pools and farms are clearly labelled and accessible, regardless of whether they are active or not. Although this applies to most decentralized exchanges, it is still a nice sight.


As you can see, my experience with Mad Meerkat Finance has overall been very positive. If you would like to check them out, I invite you to use my referral link to support my work. This is my first blog post, but I plan on writing many more to come. Thank you for reading and as always, this isn’t financial advice, do your own research and stay safe on the blockchain!

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