Hourly Miner Legit crypto profit site

Hourly Miner Legit crypto profit site

By lowkey864 | The Collapse of USD? | 16 Sep 2020

ok guys so unlike my last post about www.Profithans.com im posting about a legit profit site called www.hourlyminer.com. This site has in fact sent me exact amount of Bitcoin and it was almost instant to. when you click on the site the welcome screen shows you 4 options to choose from 

A) 1.18% for 90 hours, $5-$300 minimum purchase, Earn 3% commision, PM Payeer and cryptocurrency.

B) 0.5% for 288 hours $301-$2000 purchase price, Earn 6% commision

C) 2.5% for 48 hours, $2001-$5000 purchase price, 10% commision

D) 6% for 24 hours $5001-$100,000 purchace price, 15% commision.

so to be on the safe side i chose the bare minimum of $5 (bitcoin) which after sending BTC from www.coinbase.com it ended up being $4.98 i came back 90 hours later to see how much i could withdraw it totaled to be $5.28, i withdrew to my BTC wallet address and a short time later i was surprised to actually see my funds in my account. i give this site 5 stars i will definatly use it many more times. 

click on my referral link to get started https://hourlyminer.com/?ref=loki864 


The Collapse of USD?
The Collapse of USD?

For many years ive heard people talk about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency will replace Fiat currency. Since December 1st the Coronavirus has been spreading across the globe like a wild fire trapped in the wind, many people noticed that the Stock Market looked like it was about to crash at the same time Cryptocurrency started to go up. Just like the United States economy and Government, Long story short my question is, Will this virus be the end of Fiat money and the rise of Bitcoin?

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