Cropbytes Starter Guide Part 2 | How to BUY TRX from Binance | Starter Packs | Buying an Selling on Cropbytes

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 9 Oct 2021

On my previous blog about Cropbytes, I shared with you all the info about the 7 day Free Trial, Feeding Animals, Growing Crops, Converting Extracts to Game Coins and more. 

Here on part 2, I'll walk you through how to BUY TRX from Binance to buy starter packs for Cropbytes and also will discuss about buying and selling here on this game. 


After the 7 Day Free Trial, if you want to continue playing and earning on cropbytes then you'd have to invest.
If you're wondering what exactly should you buy first? well the answer is the starter packs - asset bundles to get you started on your farm.

Just head on to the shop and select from the curated packs to kickstart your farming.

Cropbytes Starter Packs

There are three options, the Small starter pack which consists of a small cropland, 2 P1Hen, 10 corn seeds and 10 water sold for 299 TRX, on the medium started pack you also get a small cropland but instead of getting 2 hens you get one hen and one goat (important to get that sign up reward), you also get 20 each for corn seeds and water plus an apple tree - all for 499 TRX and then there's the large starter pack priced at 899 trx which is like the medium but with more corn seeds and water plus a cow and a small well.

If you're wondering how much is that in your currency in your currency, just check it on coingecko.
Note that the price may go up or down depending on the market.

You could actually save a lot of money from buying the starter packs compared to buying those assets one by one.

Large Starter Pack

Obviously, the best one to invest in is the large starter pack because of the small well included that produces water, very important for the feeding of your animals and growing your crops and fruits. But if you don't have the budget yet, then the medium one is okay as well.

As for me, I started with the large first then after a few days decided to buy the medium.

But if you have the money and are fully convinced you want to invest on cropbytes then best is to buy them all.

Take note that each type of starter pack is limited to 1 purchase per user ONLY.

You can't buy 3 large packs or 2 medium. Just 1 per type.

Also, at this time, assets in the pack are non-tradable and non-withdrawable but all the extracts you can get there can be converted to TRX/GC.

Non Tradable Starter Pack Cropytes

How to buy TRX from Binance

You could buy TRX directly from the game using debit or credit card but what I'll show you now is buying TRX from Binance and transferring it on your cropbytes wallet.

First, go to your binance account. If you don't have that yet, then create an account first.

If you have no USDT left in your Binance wallet and you don't want to sell your crypto, you can just simply buy Tron directly from Binance using your credit card.

If you're already holding USDT in your Binance account, then great! Buying TRX should be very easy.

First just make sure that your USDT is already transferred in your Fiat & Spot.

There, once you've made sure it's in there, we can simply go to "Trade" and then "Convert"

Choose USDT, enter the amount, and then Choose TRX. Click Preview Conversion and the process should be very straightforward.

The minimum amount allowed in this process is 20 USDT. If ever you don't have enough like in my example's case, you can still proceed buying TRX in the market thru Spot

Just go to Markets, then Spot Markets, then FIAT Markets. Type in TRX in the search box and proceed.

Binance Markets Spot Market TRX

From here you can simply set a buy order using your USDT.

Buy TRX from Binance through Fiat and Spot

(TRX) Once you have your TRX in your Fiat and Spot, click withdraw

Enter the address of your Cropbytes Wallet, and choose TRC20 as your Network.

Click Withdraw and proceed with the transaction.

That will automatically reflect on your wallet.

Buying Starter Packs on Cropbytes

Now let's go SHOPPING!

Go to the SHOP and click PACKS, choose which one you'll purchase then click BUY NOW.


You can also buy some CORN SEEDS in the store. But make sure you have available TRX in your wallet first.
The corn seeds are sold at 0.2TRX each while the CARROT Seeds is at 5TRX, those carrots are only needed if you have superheroes in the game.

Buy Seed Asstes on Cropbytes

When you buy TRX for your starter packs, you should always have some extra for other in game transactions like those seeds we bought and renting feed mills to grind your crops. 

Grinding Crops

The corn or fruit crops you harvest doesn't automatically become food for the animals. It must be processed and ground.
Go the action menu and choose the feed mill. 

Note that minimum 10 crops is required to grind. 

Cropbytes Feed Mill Grinding
If you don't have a mill like me, we can use our co-players mill for a small fee 0.01 TRX per crop.
Oftentimes, there are available FREE MILL. But note that most of the time there's a long queue. Sometimes it takes days before a grinding mill is available. 

Now, there are some instances where you won't notice that you ran out of feed for the animals and crop you have is not enough for grinding. If that happens and you don't want to miss on your feeding then you'd have to buy.

Buying and Selling

Go to the action menu below and select the shop.
Choose whichever you want to buy, in my case, fruit feed. Tap BUY NOW then you'll be directed to the market.

Here's the trading platform inside the game, I know this could be overwhelming if you have no experience on trading but let me show you around.

Fruit Feed Cropbytes Market

The one on the upper right is the current price of the asset, the colored percentage below shows how much the price moved.
When it's green, it means the price went up and when it's red, the price went down.

Volume is the total number of assets available in the market.

And the high indicates the current price and the low shows the lowest bid on that asset.

Then there's the Buy and sell. More of that in a bit but for now let's check the order book which provides info about all live orders.

The red ones are the sell orders and the green are the bids/buy orders.


Below that is the candlestick. Each stick represents a period, you could set the period depending on your preference, it can vary from a minute to a day or more.

This chart gives a detailed information on the market trend and the fluctuation of the selected asset.

And on the very bottom part is where you'll see your open orders and order history.


Now let me show you how to create an order. Remember, we're buying fruit feed because I ran out of it.

On the buy section, we'll enter the price we want to buy that asset for. Because I need that asset now, I'll buy it at 1.179 since that's the current asking price available on the market. But if you want to buy low for trading then you could definitely set the price lower.


Now on the amount, you'll indicate how many of that asset would you buy.

Note that the minimum for this feed is 25.
TOTAL indicates the amount of TRX to be paid so make sure you have extra for these kind of instances.

While we're at the exchange, now I'll show you how to sell.

For this example, I'll sell water since I still have extra that I got from my well.

Almost the same as buying, you indicate the price you want to sell that asset for and on the amount the total number of asset to sell.


For now, I'll sell it to the latest buyer at 1.03 so you'll see how it works. There's the total amount for that transaction it should be 2. 575 but the 0.5% sellers fee was deducted and here's the available water in my inventory.

Click SELL and there's the order created.

Refresh and you'll see on the order history below the status of your transaction. But of course, you could sell it at a much higher price for a bigger profit but for demo purposes I sold it at the current price.

Now back to the farm, you'll see the telegram link in game so if you have any more questions or needs more info you could interact with fellow players and even the devs themselves.


I think that covers everything you need to know for now to get started. But of course, there's more to the game than what I showed you.

Maybe next time, I'll share with you my daily routine on cropbytes including the fishing game practice.
Other things you need to learn will be picked up as you spend time playing the game and gain more experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Watch this blog in video format at my channel!

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