Pawedcast in Print
Pawedcast in Print

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 11 Jul 2019

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A summary of this week’s Blockchain Cuties Pawedcast — Talk “Shows & Podcasts Pawedcast #44 : New event, Q&A”

In an attempt to make The B.C.U. Times more informative, we’re going to try to start a new series that summarizes the information provided in the Pawedcast. Why? Podcasts are a great format, and TehnFy__ does a wonderful job of the pawedcast. But it’s not a format for everyone. Personally, I’m a fan of the written word. I can extract information a lot easier from an article than a podcast, so I decided to start this series. Let’s see how it goes.

As the title suggests, this week’s pawedcast was about the upcoming event. We’ve slowly been learning more about what’s coming. Shortly after I wrote this week’s newsletter, Blockchain Cuties released some more information. Aside from another sneak peak at the new cuties, the new items were revealed, although we still don’t know what they look like.  

So what else did we learn about the upcoming event from the pawedcast? A lot. Some crafting material and items were mentioned, including eternal boxes an eagle bow. The items aren’t necessarily top of the line, but they’re mid range or better. Other crafting item ares are crimson stones and energy.

The crimson stones should be dropped by the season pass as well, and they’re used in crafting. All together there are 25 new items, six cuties, and ~14 various crafting materials, etc. Three are from loot boxes, and two are from crafting, and one for completing the season pass. In order to prevent power creep, the promos will be gen 1. But that’s fine. And to top it off, there’s a new adventure where a lot of the crafting items can be farmed. Oh and we’ll be able to get paw coins!

The Season Pass

One of the most important things to understand about the season pass is that while it’s something you purchase, it’s also the event interface itself. A season pass is going to be 0.1 ETH, which you’ll need to earn points. There are caps, but there are ways to go a little bit over through purchases.

Experience Points

There’s a 2,500 experience point limit per day and it takes 1,750 points to complete a level. Raid boss and breeding are back. There are at least four ways to get points: breeding, adventures, fighting raid bosses, and defeating raid bosses. You can buy points to clear a level. There are a total of 100 levels to complete the season pass. When the day restarts, you get a new drop box. The season pass lasts for 90 days. There will also be a bundle which will get extra experience points, which knocks out 25 levels right away, along with bonus energy and some other neat things. The price for this version will be 0.25 ETH.

On top of the other changes, there’s a new paw shop, broken down by categories. Event item crafting will also be in the paw shop. As Cynicallia pointed out in the Twitch chat, the new paw shop looks a lot better. Crafting for items from the old events will also be available in the paw shop.

Question of the Week

The question of the week is “what is going to be the top tier cutie?” From what was said, it’s going to be pretty neat. The cutie’s name is “Cuthos.”

Next question of the week: What is going to be the memable Cutie in the Season Pass? (Answers before the season pass release will be valid, after that no go)

Final Notes

More info on the presale is coming, and cuties that are listed in each phase are unique to that phase. They will not be offered again.


There’s a lot of stuff. I’m sure I missed a lot that was covered in the pawedcast. Keeping up wasn’t easy given how much material was covered. If you have more questions, you can of course watch the saved pawedcast, and/or join us in the Telegram chat. It’s going to be a really exciting event, that hopefully with get a lot of activity in the game, and also bring in some new people. Did you catch all that? Great!

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Daniel Goldman

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