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More News from Iran: Killing Girls with Toxic Gas

Accessing the Internet to get word out of Iran and still stay safe/anonymous has become really difficult. It is almost impossible to do so, even with multiple VPN and proxy connection methods. It's been about six months since last I had contact with my correspondent there; the suppression by the government is really that bad. Frankly, I was surprised to get a message from him; I thought the government had got to him and he was gone for good.

He says that many more have been killed since last we were in contact. Many children, not just teenagers, and young adults have been arrested, tortured and executed. Inflation has risen so high that many people no longer have the ability to live off their meager earnings in fiat and desperately need crypto to supplement their income. The fight for freedom, to exist in peace as human beings, takes all the energy that can be spared. They desperately need help.

The government has allegedly attacked girls' schools across the country, firing canisters that release toxic gasses. Many girls have died at school as a result (and it's being covered up/falsely reported as non-fatal). Something has to be done to topple the dictatorship that is raining death and destruction on the Iranian people, denying them the ability to call for help without severe repercussions.

If you can spare any Nano (XNO) to help the people of Iran, please send it to nano_1bewqi8bjnhnmsm9nqgn7ti65wqgdwk8c5q4p71hst4cqriof5s4dj8y3efm. Thank you kindly. I've sent what little I've managed to collect on my own, but it's not going to be nearly enough. I'm just trying to make the world a better place. I do what little I can, but I wish that I could do more.


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Rorschach's Journal

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The Babylon Project

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