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Another Update from Iran: The Situation is Only Getting Worse

Unfortunately, my place of residence is outside the city and there are no job opportunities available here. If there are, the cost of transportation is not worth it. Since the last time I wrote, everything has become much more expensive. Slowly but surely, we who live in what was one of the wealthiest countries in the world are becoming like Venezuela! The Islamic government in Iran has only been looting for the past 45 years.

People who rent homes can no longer afford to pay rent. The salaries paid to workers and employees are not enough to sustain even the simplest form of life. Many companies, factories, and refineries across the country are on strike while we haven't received our wages for months! Many people living in poverty are resorting to suicide. Sometimes, an entire family commits suicide together. The economic and living conditions here are getting worse by the day and hour.

If the government did not experience internet disruptions, restrictions, and sometimes sanctions, and banks and post offices were not subject to sanctions, I could easily earn income through the Internet. However, that isn't the case. Just last year, before the start of nationwide protests in Iran, the only social network available to people had a very large number of people who had pages for their businesses and jobs and were making money. That seems like a lifetime ago compared to now.

Today, everyone has become unemployed because all social networks have been blocked by the Islamic government and our access to the Internet as a whole has been completely disrupted.

I want to give a real-life example of the economic situation here in Iran that the Islamic Republic has created. A simple and outdated car called "Pride" is still being produced here, even though it was first manufactured in South Korea but was discontinued due to insufficient safety standards.

However, it has been continuously produced here for years! This car cost six hundred million rials (the Iranian currency) seven years ago, but today it costs four billion rials!!! The income of an ordinary employee was ten million rials seven years ago, but today it is fifty million rials.

Each one-dollar bill now costs five hundred and eighty thousand rials!!! Now I hope you have a better understanding of the situation.

I live in Iran, where forty-five years ago, the Islamic Republic overthrew the monarchy through the massacre of the government, and in the first three years of its rule, it executed thousands of people for opposing beliefs without a fair and public trial. They executed both ordinary people and soldiers. Just today, a young man was executed in Balochistan, Iran, early in the morning in prison.

Our lives may seem like works of fiction or fantasy to you, just as your lives may seem dreamlike and beyond imagination to us. Iran is not under a drug embargo, but the government does not allow the legal entry of medicine for slaughter.

Today, many cancer patients and sick children are dying because either there is no medicine available for purchase, or the cost of purchasing medicine is so high that the person's family cannot afford it.

While the government of the Islamic Republic is exporting rice, flour, fruit, oil, gas, and cars to Russia for free or at a minimal cost, the Iranian people cannot afford to buy any of these.

Today, a worker at a petrochemical refinery in southern Iran near the Persian Gulf asked the government how it was possible to pay a rent of 150 million rials for a small house with a salary of only 60 million rials. There is no money left for food, clothing, healthcare, and other essential expenses.

The world looks on and doesn't care to intervene. The American government is killing us with sanctions, just as the Iranian government is killing Iranian citizens with hangings and guns. This is not a life. This is a slow genocide, a death sentence. This is a world ruled by greed, ideology and the fiat currency of at least one centralised totalitarian religious government.

Note: I am only relating what has been conveyed to me by my Iranian correspondent. I cannot confirm the factual accuracy of much of what he writes. It doesn't appear in any international news sources when I search for them. Whether that's because what he claims isn't true or dramatised or is being suppressed, I do not know and I'm withholding judgement.

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