You want to be a webcam model? Here's a Crypto platform!

You want to be a webcam model? Here's a Crypto platform!

By Justin Taylor | The Adult Blockchain | 10 Sep 2019

Welcome to the first adult blockchain blog on the internet (18+, only on the great Publish0x Platform!). Today I want to show you a fun way to earn crypto when you are a webcam model. Here's a short introduction.


When you are 18+ and you are a webcam model or want to become one, there are more and more ways to do this in crypto space. One of the most interesting ways is the great platform Spankchain. According to their website

"SpankChain is built together with its users and industry actors. Together, we are shaping the future of SpankChain, while improving the adult entertainment industry for all".


Payment platform for the Adult Industry

Spankchain has a payment platform that allows models to take tips directly from their viewers. So earning and tipping crypto is becoming really sexy these days! :) 

Earning crypto is becoming really sexy these days!


Visitors who want to view your cam on "" can tip you with "BOOTY", a special Spankchain token. When you, as a model, receive BOOTY, it will automatically be converted into Ether (ETH) when you want to withdraw. 

Visit their website and watch the cool video on the homepage to get an impression of the possibilities.


More to come

Later I want to write more about this great platform, because there's a lot to tell you about and it's definitely worth our attention. So stay tuned, and... have a sexy crypto day :)

P.S.: Any experience with this platform? Leave a comment!



You like it? Thanx for your tips! :)


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"Everything about sex should be fun, not addictive or secretly" (Anonymeros)*

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