Unrealistic school system.

Unrealistic School System

By Tetchi180 | Tetchi180 | 26 Nov 2021


        Eastside High school, Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Ramosa, the Business and Personal Law teacher, said to the students, "As you all know, this is our last week before the final exam. Therefore, you will complete some review activities to get ready for the last challenge of the year."
Ryan, a twelve-grade student, raised his hand.
"Go ahead for your question, Ryan," Ms. Ramosa said.
"We are in Business class. Why didn't you teach us anything about investing in crypto?"
"The crypto is not included in the school curriculum," the teacher replied.
"Ms. Ramosa, you always talk about real-life activities. Cryptos are real. You cannot just push them away," Mike, another student, commented.
"I cannot teach you something that is not in the curriculum. Is that clear?" the teacher said adamantly.
A seventeen-year-old student, Nancy, stood up and said, "The school curriculum is unrealistic. How can we be in a so-called business class and learn nothing about investment and crypto? That is unbelievable."
"Listen," the teacher commended. When she got the whole class's attention, she added, "I'm just a teacher. I can only teach you stuff aligned with the standards. For the rest, feel free to contact the board of education."
        Ryan took his cell phone out of his pocket, logged into his Coinbase account, and announced, "class, don't worry. If the system doesn't want to teach us how to invest in crypto, we can teach ourselves. Here is my crypto portfolio. I've been a crypto investor for six years. I can teach you how to invest in crypto. Anyone, who wants to attend my zoom crypto class, sends me an email. Our first session will be held this Saturday at 10 am."
The students were all excited about Ryan's idea. They spread the word to other students. On Saturday, May 12, a hundred students logged into zoom to attend Ryan's first lesson on crypto investment.

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