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My first crypto.

By Tetchi180 | Tetchi180 | 24 Nov 2021

“ You seem happy, Ryan; what’s going on ?” David asked.

David shook his head and smiled without uttering a word.

“ Come on, Ryan. You know you we are friends, and we share everything,” David pressed on.

“ Do you remember the year 2014?” Ryan asked him.

“ Of course, everyone remembers the year 2014. What’s your point?” David replied.

“ In 2014, for the first time, I invested in cryptos. With two hundred dollars, I bought three thousand coins. The crypto was far less than a penny. Do you remember your reaction when I told you about that particular investment?” Ryan asked his friend.

David lowered his head, embarrassed. Without looking at Ryan, he said, “ I laughed, calling you crazy.”

“ Exactly. Not only did you make fun of me, but you even told my girlfriend Amelia that I was an idiot who didn’t know how to manage money. Guess how much my two hundred investment is worth today?”

David remained speechless. Ryan stared at him and said, “ Well, the small investment I made in 2014 is worth $ 25000 today. I’m the one laughing now.”

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People called me crazy when I bought my first crypto coins...

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